Around the time that Ben and Jerry’s announced their very not-fake Schweddy Balls ice cream immortalizing the iconic Alec Baldwin Saturday Night Live sketch, a series of fake pop-culture-inspired ice cream flavors started making their rounds on the interwebs. Yes, I realize that I’m tardy to the party in recognizing most of these, but just indulge me for this one gallery. I still find all of these incredibly amusing.

Although not all of the flavors sound terribly appetizing (while I was on board with the scotch and even the bacon part of Ron Swanson’s All of the Bacon and Eggs You Have, they totally lost me at the egg part), you can’t deny that they’re all extremely awesome. Despite their ingrediets, I would buy some of these flavors (Charlie Kelly’s Slumber Cocktail is my personal favorite) just to have them.

While I was trolling around the internet gathering pictures from Vulture, Racked, Tauntr,  Uproxx, and others for this gallery, I even stumbled upon a template for you to make your own fake B&J flavor! I say we start this trend up again, yes?