Facebook Sleeve: Something You Definitely Will Never Regret

“Haha, typical susyj87! She always did wild stuff when she sat behind me in math class, second semester of 10th grade! I think. No, wait, that was Laura Mills. Didn’t I meet her that one time at that party last summer? Yeah, yeah, she was the one who kept asking people to take pictures with her. God. Really? She has a portrait of me on her forearm? Cool, I guess.” – 70% of this girl’s Facebook friends, probably.


  • Jenny Lonussen

    Oh she’s Dutch, let the weed/drugs policy jokes begin. This girl has some serious devotion towards her FB friends, LOL. I wonder what happens if someone unfriends her? Or if she adds new friends? Or you know if her friends change their profile picture.. Huh.

    • Jenny Lonussen

      BTW I think I’m gonna save this video, in case any of my relatives ever complain about my social media addiction again LOL!

  • Ashley Lynn Cook

    Haha, I’m just waiting for this to happen: Facebook: SO-AND-SO has changed their profile picture. Tattoo girl: NOOOOooooooooo! 😀

  • Kelsey Newman

    Kind of odd to be soooo addicted to facebook yet she only has 152 friends???

  • Chandra Wright

    This is fake!

  • Skyler St. John

    She really will never regret it, because she never really got it. Apparently it’s a “try on” transfer image, just lasts a couple of days, and it was done as some sort of marketing for some sort of company.

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