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Facebook Hacking: Creative Ways to Mess With Your Friends

Can we be a little more creative than the whole “I just took a huge dump” or “I’m gay” or my personal favorite, “I LOVE *insert hacker name here* SO MUCH!” I’m sick of seeing this. It is so basic at this point. There are so many other creative, hilarious things you can do to mess with your friends on Facebook. Here are a few:

1. Change their gender. This may not seem like a revolutionary idea initially, but the reward comes in the long run because people almost never notice this subtle change in sex. You will giggle to yourself every time you see that Carol changed his profile picture.

2. Change their birthday to tomorrow. And be the first to wish your bud a happy birthday. The people who know them best will know it’s not their birthday, but their hundreds of other Facebook friends will have no idea and will be wishing them a delightful birthday all day long.

3. Change their political/ religious views. This won’t be funny if you change them from republican to democrat (snooze). The art of this Facebook hack is changing it to something completely ridiculous. For example, change their political views to the Whig party and caption it “Gettin’ my Whig on!” Change their religious views to “One Direction LOLz!”

4. Change their school. Make them go to a school far more awesome than the one they go to, like Mooseberger Clown Academy. Change their major to something far more interesting than their actual major, like underwater basket weaving.

5. Incorporate YOLO somewhere. Because I still think it’s funny.

6. Always, ALWAYS add “Ball so hard” to their favorite quotations. This is literally everyone’s favorite quotation whether they know it yet or not. You are just helping them by adding it for them.

Oh, and don’t forget to go to their profile when you are finished and hide the post that says “so-and-so updated their About Me section.” If you forget this crucial step, your hard work will go to waste, and we don’t want that.

Please stop talking about poop when you Facebook hack your friends. It isn’t really that funny. In the words of  the great Nicki Minaj, “put your number twos in the air!” but please get them off my newsfeed.

You can read more from Shannon Borden on her blog.

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