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Eyebrow threading: It's like flossing your face.

I always try to keep up with my eyebrows the way most of us try to keep up with the Kardashians, as it kind of neutralizes the dreaded third-day-without-a-wash greasy situation in which my hair often finds itself, opens up my face, and allows me to maintain my glamorous/flossy-flossy image.

As we all know, brows that aren’t groomed invade your space like the Kudzu vine until they’re all you can see. Just ask Colin Farrell, actor and unfortunate victim of eyebrow circumstance:

Colin has a great face, but it's eclipsed by his weird eyebrows. I literally can't even focus on anything else. Photo may have been slightly retouched to convey my point.

Photo via Mennonno Sapiens

I was a long-time advocate of waxing and tweezing until I stumbled upon threading. Ever since then, hot wax and tweezers have been dead to me. From a distance, threading looks like a woman is terrorizing another woman’s face with a bunch of string. In reality, threading is a woman terrorizing another woman’s face with a bunch of string. However, it’s totally awesome and I fully endorse it.

She's going to be able to go so long without feeling like she has to wash her hair. This could be you!

Photo via Seva Beauty.

Threading is an ancient Indian method that removes hair with cotton string. Unlike waxing (which isn’t nice to your skin and requires a pretty decent amount of hair growth to be effective) or tweezing (which, frankly, sucks), threading doesn’t irritate your skin, has the precision of a sniper, and basically yanks out any hairs that are long enough to see. The downside is that it’s a little painful at first (I believe I had mild PTSD after my first threading session, as I would alternate between flinching and crying whenever anyone came near my face for a month after the fact), but you look so regal afterward that it doesn’t even matter.

I decided to hit up this place called “Beautiful Browz” today at the mall, as my browz were hurting for some beautification. My experience started out traumatizing but finished on a good note, which I suppose is better than the opposite. I situated myself in the chair and told the practitioner I wanted my eyebrows done. She then squinted at me and said, “And your upper lip, yes?” to which I was like, “Just the browz will do.” Nothing makes you feel more like Tom Selleck than someone suggesting your ladystache is out of control.

All’s well that ends well though, as my eyebrows look super fresh and my upper lip is just fine, thank you very much:

Have you ever had your eyebrows threaded? If not, are you going to now? Tell me your experiences!

Featured image via Fashion Gossip 10.

  • Ashley Frieson

    Ouch. A friend of mine from college did this once for me–best eyebrow pluck EVER, but oh my god, the pain. Totally worth it in the end, though. I live in South Korea now, though, so finding a good threader is a bit tricky. :( Back to plucking for me.

  • Sharon McKay

    My first threading experience was in a teeny tiny salon in Vancouver, where I walked in to request a waxing. Due to the salon employee’s complete lack of english skills, I had no idea what was about to happen. The woman waved me into the chair, where I sat patiently waiting for the wax to warm up, or whatever prep she needed to do. Next thing I know, she’s coming at me with this huge length of string, which she held between her teeth at one end, and her hands at the other, and proceeded to attack my eyebrows. I was so freaked out, but was struck speechless, and for fear of losing an entire eyebrow, I remained still.

    When it was over, and I looked in the mirror, it was like I was looking at a completely different person! My eyebrows looked AMAZING, and I was so happy with the result. I was instantly converted!

    At first I found it painful, but definitely less so than waxing. Waxing kills like a mofo, since it’s ripping off that delicate top layer of skin as well as yanking the hairs directly from their follicles. Threading at least, only does the latter.

    Sad thing is that it’s not terribly popular here in Brisbane, so it’s hard to find and expensive when you do.

  • Christiane Fairhart

    I’ve been threading my eyebrows since I was 12. I can even do it myself now! xD

    • Filleosophy

      How did you learn? I was watching a YouTube tutorial earlier but I just don’t think I’m on that level yet. I’m not very coordinated.

  • Jennifer Reid

    my god I love plucking/waxing/threading my eybrows. Zen time. I judge people by their eyebrows!

    • Claire Tandy

      Me too!
      All my friends think I am weird because one of the first things I comment on about people when I meet them is their eyebrows o_O


  • Minu Ferdows

    OMG Are they all trained to ask that or something?! When I got my brows done years ago she asked me the same thing about my (NON EXISTENT) lady-tache!

    • Filleosophy

      LOL. I mean, I’m sure she thought it was NBD because it’s a fairly common practice, but jeez! Don’t insult the girl leaving you a tip! Leave my barely-there ladystache alone. :(

  • Sonya Smith

    I dated a middle eastern gentleman for a time and his nieces would thread my eyebrows for me, big mistake I let them do my upper lip once. I still wake up screaming sometimes…
    I think I stayed with him as long as I did for the free threading and maybe the food lol

  • Kimberly Hawkins

    I have had my brows threaded before. My ex-MIL swore by it and told me it didn’t hurt at all. LIAR! The one time I had it done I literally thought for sure I was bleeding and my eyebrow was gonna fall off (I wasn’t and it didn’t, but you get the idea). I haven’t done it again, but my eyebrows did look so good that I would almost consider doing it again.

  • Beth Curry

    I’m terrified to have them threaded. The outcome looks amazing, but no way do I want to go through the experience! I have such a low pain tolerance, I’d end up crying like a baby.

    I may just stick to waxing and tweezing…

    • Filleosophy

      If you’re used to waxing, I really don’t think it will be that bad! When I first got my eyebrows threaded about 8 years ago, I’d taken a long hiatus from waxing and there were just so many hairs I couldn’t tweeze on my own, so there was a lot for the threader to work with and I think that really contributed to why I thought it was so painful, as SO many hairs were getting pulled out at a time. My brow zone was a trainwreck until that point. Maybe a video would help ease your nerves? … Hopefully it doesn’t have the opposite effect.

  • Kerri Waits

    Absolutely love threading! The first time was PAINFUL, but the effects were amazing. It lasted for weeks, and now it barely hurts at all. I just wish I could keep my eyes open to watch my stylist do it!

  • Sandy Badger-Jones

    Sounds like I am in the minority here but I don’t think threading hurts at all! I first had it done when I was studying in India and it cost less than two dollars with tip! Plus they give you a face massage afterwards. I swear by threading won’t let hot wax touch my face again!

    • Filleosophy

      I feel like I need to add “face massage” to my bucket list.

  • Anna Schatte

    I have had horrible reactions to waxing my eyebrows, so I started threading a few years ago. I love it! I find that if you go to a good person, it really is not that painful. And ladies, please keep in mind that waxing sensitive skin areas, like the eyebrow region, causes premature sagging of the skin. Each wax takes off a small layer of skin and overtime will cause that area to sag at a quicker rate. Come’on girls, we do not like! Threading is the best alternative.

  • Melissa Dean

    I’m 29 and have been threading for about 15 years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m lucky enough to live down the street from the threading masters, Zibas. They were responsible for Gwen Stefanis henna phase and for Madonnas mid nineties henna Indian vibe.
    My first time I was a bit scared , but the mire you go the less it hurts. It doesn’t hurt as much as waxing and the results are more accurate than waxing. Plus it doesn’t remove any layer aid skin. So, if you haven’t done it give it a go you may just love the results!

    • Filleosophy

      I agree — I honestly hardly feel it now. I feel like such a veteran when the people waiting look really anxious and the girl in the chair next to me is sobbing and the woman threading her has to take breaks because she’s in so much pain… not to scare anyone away, it REALLY isn’t that bad.

  • Melissa Dean

    * more * of (Stupid iPhone automatic spell check!)

  • Keena Keena

    I don’t think it’s hurts, it just irritates my contacts while I hold down my eyelids so I start crying, and the lady thinks it’s because I’m in pain.
    I prefer threading because I have a cowlick in my left eyebrow and any good threader able to work around it. I also like that they don’t try to make my eyebrows too thin. I don’t want Groucho Marx eyebrows, but I also don’t want ones so thin I need to draw them on every morning.

    • Filleosophy

      Definitely! I’m not a fan of emaciated eyebrows, and that was always my biggest fear when going to a new waxer — they would ALWAYS wax off too much or not enough. I really haven’t had a bad threading experience — my eyebrows always look clean/neat/healthy.

  • Elizabeth McDonald

    Does this happen in England? I really want to try it!

    • Filleosophy


      I found this directory: and this place with a Google search. I hope that helps!

    • Emma Green

      Where are you based? There are lots of places in London that do it. Some of them ridiculously expensive. If you’re not in London, I’ve noticed that a lot of threading stations have popped up in shopping centres, so this might a good place for you to check. And don’t be put off by their location or low price – I’ve found a lot of good threaders is such places! If you’re not happy on your first try, wait until you eyebrows grow back a bit and try a different place. :)

    • Minu Ferdows

      There’s loads of places that do them. Some Debenhams and Superdrugs stores have started doing them in-store. Also most south asian owned salons do them as standard.

  • Akilah Hughes

    I got my eyebrows threaded once because hot wax really irritates my sensitive face. I heard it was less painful, and wouldn’t cause the irritation. Maybe the lady who threaded mine had a vendetta against me, I don’t know, all I know is that is was so much more painful and I actually cried, it was super embarrassing, and there seemed to be rogue eyebrow lashes all over my face and in my eyes. I will likely stick with the wax, but this article did make me smile.

    • Filleosophy

      Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to go to another place and try again. I see good things in your future.

  • Anne Mari Donato

    YES! I am one of those people who never looked back after a threading session. My eyebrows are so insanely thin, nearly bald, and all over the place. Sometimes I wish the threading experts had more (thicker) hair to work with, but I guess I’m just lucky to feel less pain. Anyway, threading helps. Threading makes miracles! I support threading!

  • Bambi Troxell

    ok, i’m going to try it! thanks for the post :)

  • Jazmine Llanes

    The first time is awful, I also had PTSD, cried, and never wanted to go back but for some reason I did. The second time wasn’t any better than the first time…

    In my experience, it often times depends on the person threading. Now I stick to my one salon and everything is beautiful. Threading all the way!

  • Heather Favro Binuya

    I totally go to the same place in my mall, and the first time I went had a similar experience, except mine went more like, “LET ME GET THAT ONE ON YOUR CHIN, BECAUSE IT’S REALLY BUGGING ME.” Caps totally necessary, because she said it THAT LOUD.

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