Notes From The Powder Room

Eyebrow threading: It's like flossing your face.

I always try to keep up with my eyebrows the way most of us try to keep up with the Kardashians, as it kind of neutralizes the dreaded third-day-without-a-wash greasy situation in which my hair often finds itself, opens up my face, and allows me to maintain my glamorous/flossy-flossy image.

As we all know, brows that aren’t groomed invade your space like the Kudzu vine until they’re all you can see. Just ask Colin Farrell, actor and unfortunate victim of eyebrow circumstance:

Colin has a great face, but it's eclipsed by his weird eyebrows. I literally can't even focus on anything else. Photo may have been slightly retouched to convey my point.

Photo via Mennonno Sapiens

I was a long-time advocate of waxing and tweezing until I stumbled upon threading. Ever since then, hot wax and tweezers have been dead to me. From a distance, threading looks like a woman is terrorizing another woman’s face with a bunch of string. In reality, threading is a woman terrorizing another woman’s face with a bunch of string. However, it’s totally awesome and I fully endorse it.

She's going to be able to go so long without feeling like she has to wash her hair. This could be you!

Photo via Seva Beauty.

Threading is an ancient Indian method that removes hair with cotton string. Unlike waxing (which isn’t nice to your skin and requires a pretty decent amount of hair growth to be effective) or tweezing (which, frankly, sucks), threading doesn’t irritate your skin, has the precision of a sniper, and basically yanks out any hairs that are long enough to see. The downside is that it’s a little painful at first (I believe I had mild PTSD after my first threading session, as I would alternate between flinching and crying whenever anyone came near my face for a month after the fact), but you look so regal afterward that it doesn’t even matter.

I decided to hit up this place called “Beautiful Browz” today at the mall, as my browz were hurting for some beautification. My experience started out traumatizing but finished on a good note, which I suppose is better than the opposite. I situated myself in the chair and told the practitioner I wanted my eyebrows done. She then squinted at me and said, “And your upper lip, yes?” to which I was like, “Just the browz will do.” Nothing makes you feel more like Tom Selleck than someone suggesting your ladystache is out of control.

All’s well that ends well though, as my eyebrows look super fresh and my upper lip is just fine, thank you very much:

Have you ever had your eyebrows threaded? If not, are you going to now? Tell me your experiences!

Featured image via Fashion Gossip 10.

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