Excuse Me, Target?

Is this what pregnancy looks like? (Image from target.com)

Dear Target,

I know you want to make pregnancy look sexy while trying to sell over-sized hosiery, but since when did women, about to give birth, ever think that heels were a great idea?  If you, Target, really believe in making a pregnant woman feel empowered enough to ignore her swelling feet and go out for an elegant evening with her baby daddy, then I am okay with you.  But, as of right now, those RED heels do not indicate to me that that was the intention of your ad department, because RED indicates that those pregnant women could be “ladies of the night”.  I just want you, Target.com, to know that because of those red heels, I’m a little uncomfortable right now as I skim your “Intimates” section to find some granny panties.  And no, I don’t care if it makes you uncomfortable to know that I enjoy granny panties.

I know that red can signify “love”, “romance”, or “Valentine’s Day”, but why advertise that pregnant women like those things?  We CLEARLY know they do.  Heels don’t need to EMPHASIZE that. Please, all you pregnant women out there, will you tell me if I’m wrong about this pregnancy/heel thing?  Because as someone who severely injured her foot, I hate heels, so if I ever become pregnant, I know I won’t be able to sport this look.  And, another thing,  Target.com, why do you make pumping breasts for milk look like such a casual activity?  This woman looks soooo happy about her breast pump and I am sure it is the most uncomfortable thing ever (maybe prove me wrong, pregnant women out there?)…

Just casually getting on the computer to surf the web! (Image from Target.com)

Just talking on the phone about dinner plans!

I mean, it’s great that women can multi-task with a breast pump on, but breast pumps look like combat suits, so don’t these women need to be prepared for battle?

This breast pump came out of 'The Matrix' (Image from Target.com)

Target, please reconsider the way you photograph your products.  If you’re advertising leggings or tights, heels don’t need to be involved.  And, if you’re advertising a breast pump, just show the pump close up, as you would a bra, for example.  These are just some ideas.  You need not take them all.   I am purely suggesting so that I can continue going onto your website, Target.com without feeling uncomfortable about being a woman.

Thank you,

Alessandra Rizzotti


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