Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From This Year's Oscar Nominations

That’s right! I am in full blown Oscar FRENZY!

And Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for his fourth Oscar, which is a very good thing because I threatened to break my laptop, my own arm, and/or my iPhone if he was snubbed. Lucky for everyone (mostly my boyfriend who I woke up at 6 am to tell him the good news!), Leo was nominated. And now I won’t talk about it until later because there are other lessons to learn here besides Jessica Tholmer is nuts.

EINTKILF the Oscar Nominations

1. Meryl Streep rules the world.

Miss Streep received her eighteenth–eighteenth–Oscar nomination this year. She has only won three times (which is still a bunch of times, to be honest), but she is guaranteed a nomination whenever she is in anything, basically. Remember The Devil Wears Prada? Anyway, even if you are trying to be irritated by Streep’s Oscar domination, you can’t be! You cannot be mad at her because she really truly is always fabulous.

2. Jennifer Lawrence co-rules the world.

Everyone’s BFF J.Law was nominated for her third nomination, this year for American Hustle. (The other two were Silver Linings Playbook (her win!) and Winter’s Bone.) Anyway, Lawrence is freakin’ 23 years old, so that’s depressing and exciting, whichever way you choose to look at it. And even though she beat Kate Winslet’s record of the youngest actress with that many nominations, she still has quite some time until she has as many as my beautiful Winslet. And regardless, this isn’t all a competition, and I love Lawrence too, so it’s okay.

3. Goofballs deserve Oscar love too.

In the past when I was a bit more pretentious (I have gotten less so as I have gotten older, is that normal?), I used to hate when comedians were nominated for Oscars. I could let it slide every great once in awhile like when Robert Downey Jr. was nominated for Tropic Thunder

–just kidding. That was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me personally.

Okay, but there are good examples like when Eddie Murphy was nominated (AND ROBBED) for Dreamgirls, because though he is a comedian, his role was deeper than that and he wasn’t quite the comic relief that he tends to be in that particular role. I will never get over Alan Arkin winning that damn Oscar, and I am a huge fan of Little Miss Sunshine. I am getting seriously off topic. This lesson is supposed to be about how comedians, and even more so, really silly dudes, can still act their tushes off sometimes. And Jonah Hill received his second nomination for Wolf of Wall Street (the first was for Moneyball) because that precious little goof who came from movies like Superbad can really, really act. Props to the Academy for acknowledging that.

4. Ellen just.. rules.

I know she has little to absolutely nothing to do with who gets nominated, I still very much adored her tweets about the nominations.
photo (3)She is just my favorite, and I am so excited for her to host again.

5. David O. Russell sure can direct.

In case you are not aware, Russell also directed Silver Linings Playbook, also with Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. He clearly leads his actors straight into Oscar territory. Cooper and Lawrence, as well as Robert DeNiro and Jacki Weaver were all nominated last year for acting awards last year, and this year is no different for the killer director. All of his actors are nominated–Christian Bale, Cooper, Lawrence, and Amy Adams are all up for their performances this year.

Also, I Heart Huckabees. Come on, y’all.

6. Women are awesome. Duh.

Everyone, myself included, is usually pretty upset about the Best Actress category each year because it is usually a shoo-in for one of the actresses, whereas the Best Actor category tends to be the most competitive race of the night. In my not ever humble opinion, this usually is directly related to the fact that men simply have more roles to choose from, which means there are almost certainly stronger performances throughout the season, thus more competition on the Big Night.

This year, though? Are you kidding me? Streep vs. Judi Dench vs. Adams vs. Cate Blanchett vs. Sandra Bullock!? (She has my vote, for the record.) Those women are all stellar actresses with a million nominations and wins between the five of them. I must say, I got a little proud-woman-teary-eyed when I saw who was up. Good work, you wonderful examples of feminism.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=608805084 Elizabeth Craig

    We and my pals get equally as excited about the oscar noms! We stay up all night (it’s starts at 1am UK time) to watch, booking off the next day at work even!
    I loved this equally as excited article, however I nearly choked on my cornflakes when I saw your distaste for Prisoner of Azkaban!!! It’s my favourite in the whole series??!!! Most people I know love that one! Caurons vision was so dark and menacing, it amped up the quality of the series! It wasn’t just a kids series anymore.
    We can’t all agree on everything I guess.
    But I’m with you on Leo.
    If they deny him again…..he deserves it for the scene where he has to climb into the car, on its own. The rest of the film just props him up for that one scene. Brilliance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=755781118 Amada Torruella

    In love with the article! I’m really excited about the women in film this year too! Since you know nothing about Jared Leto, I thought I should suggest some movies. He might be one hell of a lead singer but he is also one hell of an actor, just watch Fight club, Lord of war, Requiem for a dream and Mr nothing, he is amazing in them!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=664962841 Anita Presser Bertelli

    Hmmm I think it’s a little odd when you say comedians can act “too”! Comedy is as much art and acting as drama, it’s not just being silly. You can’t say an actor’s done a good job only when his character is “deep” or “dramatic”. Comedy is really a goddamn hard thing to do! (I know it because I’m an actress and I’ve studied it!)

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