Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From ‘Clueless'

Besides DJ Tanner, when I was a child, the prettiest woman in the world to me was Alicia Silverstone. Not only did I love Clueless, but I loved Aerosmith, and she was in, like, ALL of their videos. (Puh-lease don’t fact check me, because she quite possibly could have only been in one video.) Clueless is most def one of those movies that is way funnier when you get older, but you know what, I was an incredibly mature kid who just thought Dionne was really pretty, so I still enjoyed watching it. Without further ado:


1. “You divorce wives, not children.”
I must admit, and it is a total ’90s movie thing (which is my whole world, basically), that I love Cher’s dad because he is a total grumpy old man who has a heart of something more expensive than gold. He tells Cher, after defending why Josh still comes to the house, that children are way more important than wives, more or less. I have to say, I totally agree, because, you know…bros before yadda yadda yadda. It is like that stupid saying, but way more impactful.

2. How to form friendships.
Cher and Dionne are the best of friends, but when I was younger, I did not realize they were only 15 and/or 16 years old. I mean, let’s be real – everyone is best friends when they are that young. I had, like, five best friends, and I only still talk to two of them. However, Cher says something that always stuck with me: “She’s my friend because we both know what it’s like to have people be jealous of us.” I never made a friend like that, and at now 25 years old, maybe I should.

3. High school boys are like dogs.
Cher doesn’t date boys in high school, which she claims is a choice everybody has to make. She thinks high school boys are not worth her time, and funny thing–she is so right. Though I was in love with one boy throughout high school, he was not in high school, so I always empathize with Cher on this subject. However, I have done a ripe job of wasting my time with boys that act like they are still in high school since I’ve been in my 20s. BLAH BLAH BLAH I feel like all of my “boys will be boys” jokes are getting old, but I can’t help it! I spit the truth!

4. Kenny G is uncool…not.
I side with Josh on this: whatever! Kenny G is so cool. What the hell is Christmas without him? Story: Kenny G and I are both from Seattle and we are both Starbucks shareholders (am I allowed to tell you that?) and I also work for Starbucks, so I usually attend the annual shareholder event. This past year, I saw him there and he actually smiled at me. I had to refrain myself from A) hugging him or B) scrunching his beautiful curls and asking him what product he uses. We have so much in common; I just think we could be great friends.

5. Two permits do not equal a license.
Cher and Dionne are the worst drivers ever. Who is actually that bad, licensed driver or not? To be fair, I pulled a Dionne the first time I drove on the freeway in class. (Except for the making out with the passenger part.) Holy moly, how scary!

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