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Everything equinox: Your guide to celebrating the first day of spring

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We can feel it coming in our bones. Our skin is beckoning for shorter hems and kisses from the sun, juice of all varieties sounds even more appealing than usual, and the flowers are just begging us to stop and smell them. Not only does March 20th mark the first official day of spring, but it’s also the Spring Equinox for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Spring Equinox also marks the transition from Pisces, the last sign in the zodiac, to Aries, the first sign. Meaning this is also the astrological New Year! The equinox is an astronomical event that happens twice a year, in spring and fall, and is caused by our planet’s tilt on its axis. (At the equinox, our planet is neither tilted towards or away from the sun.) This means that both hemispheres receive the same amount of light, causing day and night to be equal lengths.

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Different religions all over the world celebrate the beginning of Spring in some way. Those who follow the Jewish faith celebrate passover, it’s the Iranian New Year called Nowruz, and for those who identify as Pagan, the Spring Equinox is known as Ostara. Even if you don’t celebrate any particular holiday at the time of the equinox, you can still embrace this time by getting in touch with nature!

The equinox is a time of balance; it’s a time of equilibrium that reminds us to center and ground before we decided to grow, grow, grow like all the beautiful flowers. We are inherently connected to the natural world around us, whether we acknowledge it or not, so taking the day as a way to center ourselves around nature and commune with her gifts is an easy way to celebrate.

In case you needed more inspiration, we’ve rounded up some easy ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox.

It’s just a walk in the park!

Spending time outside is at the top of the list for obvious reasons. If you’re lucky enough to live where the weather’s nice, or even luckier to live near a park or public outdoor space, take some time to commune with Mama Earth. Grab a picnic blanket, a book, journal, any or all of your crystals, and whatever else helps you feel rooted in the earthly realm. If you can walk to where you’re going, do so, and try being mindful of the way the sun is hitting your cheek, or the way the wind’s caressing your arms.

Taking time to be grateful for the beautiful things nature has to offer is a really easy way to become more connected to her. Stretch out at the park, enjoying your book or journal, and simply exist. If you want to take this practice a step further, you can take your shoes off and walk around slowly, being mindful of the way your feet touch the ground and of the way the earth supports you. Say “thank you” each time you walk and feel it in your heart.

The best power is flower power,

Another easy way to celebrate the equinox? With flowers, of course! Head to your local flower shop, Trader Joe’s (which usually has great deals on bouquets and bunches), or the like, and pick some that speak to you! Another way to pick your flowers is to think of what you want to bring into your life, or manifest, in the coming months.

Want more love? Grab some roses! Want a more peaceful and loving environment? Pick up some lavender! Want luck? Pick daisies! You can find lists of magical correspondences for flowers online, or you can just use your gut.

Once you’ve picked some flowers, you can keep them in a vase, dry them and hang them up, or press them and then arrange them in a picture frame as some art! You can also decorate them, paint them, and take photographs of them. The sky is the limit!

Rose 🥀 Garden.

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