Yesterday, Almie Rose got us thinking about Disney sidekicks with her wonderful post Top 10  Best Disney Sidekicks, so we asked you guys who your favorites were on Twitter, and today the results are in!

They made us laugh, they made us love and they always undoubtedly made the movie better. I mean, could you imagine Snow White without her Seven Dwarfs? The Little Mermaid without Sebastian and Flounder? Would the hero of the movie even have been able to succeed without the help of their sidekick(s)? Probably not. These little guys play a huge role in every Disney movie, and so today, we celebrate them.

In an effort to not make this post 102394837 pictures long, I’ve decided to only include 1 sidekick from each movie (and only movies that have clear-cut sidekicks, as opposed to ensemble films like Toy Story, The Aristocats,  A Bug’s Life, etc. which have a million sidekicks per film), and to not include any from Almie’s post, since she covered them so wonderfully already. Hope I included all the rest of your favorites!

  • Jenny Lonussen

    This post is made of awesome, though personally I’d add Tantor and Turk from Tarzan. Loved them so much I even called my pet hamster after Terk (although for some reason they translated it to Tukie in Dutch, so that was my hamsters name too).

  • Joyce Lacsamana

    Flounder was a really good sidekick too…or Sebastian…when he sings “Kiss The Girl”…omg cute!

    • Rebecca Kennedy

      How can you not love the Jamaican accent singing that boy to kiss her? “My oh my, don’t be shy, you have to try, go on and kiss de gurl” makes it so much more fun to sing along to! “Unda da sea… unda da sea! Darlin’ its bettah down where it’s wettah take it from meee!”

  • Rebecca Kennedy

    I didn’t even think about Krunk… I love him! And Mushu <3 And I'm a big fan of Tangled, Pascal is just great <3

  • Rae Ghun

    Krunk is my man! Dory’s my girl!…fish…Timon and Pumpa are classic!! ahhh! They all rock!

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