Even More Celeb Besties, Who Love Each Other On and Off Screen

Recently, I wrote you all a fun list of celebrity besties who love each other both on and off screen. However, just listing a few wasn’t enough. There have been so many accounts of celebrity buddies since back in the day, when Matt Damon and Ben Affleck took us by storm (and sorry guys – you didn’t make this list either, but we love you both). Celebrity friendships make our hearts melt, so let’s take the time to celebrate even more best friends who love each other on both a personal and professional level.

James Franco and Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen and James Franco have been best buds since they met on the set of the incredibly amazing, cancelled too soon show Freaks and Geeks. From there, they worked together on Pineapple Express. And don’t forget about Knocked Up and This Is The End. And – you saw their parody of Kim and Kanye’s music video, right?

While I love Anne Hathaway, I can’t help but think that the negative Oscar press when they hosted together might have been a bit different if James hosted with Seth – I mean, you saw how comfortable Amy and Tina were on stage together as hosts.

Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock

After working together in The Proposal, Ryan had nothing but good to say about Sandra, and the friendship they’ve developed throughout both of their careers. The two have actually been close for awhile, so the project was absolutely perfect for both of them.

“I would love to do another movie with Sandra,” he said to the Inquirer. “We’ve talked about it. We had such great chemistry [in ‘The Proposal’]— that was based on 10 years of friendship. We had known each other for a long time when we went into that. If it’s the right [project], we’ll do it because it’s like working with family. It’s a great experience.”

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart

I definitely regret not including these two in the first list, as their friendship is absolutely incredible (and readers? I heard you loud and clear, since I love your input). They’ve provided their fans with a bunch of hilarious photos – with wax figurines of each other, or selfies by the famous Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center together. The two starred in numerous X-Men films together, and have also worked on two plays together: Waiting for Godot and No Man’s Land.

“We became friends on X-Men,” Patrick said to the Huffington Post. “Ian loves talking about it. There are so many parallels in our careers and our lives. We’re both Northerners; He’s a Lancastrian and I’m a Yorkist, and he went to a great University but I left school when I was 15. But he was successful and became a star immediately. I saw him and I was amazed, overwhelmed by the quality of his work. I started our relationship as a fan. He wouldn’t know who I was back then.”

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt

We all loved (500) Days of Summer, and part of the reason as to why the movie was so successful was due to the fact that our girl Zooey and Joseph Gordon Levitt have amazing chemistry together. The two have been buddies for over ten years, and have truly helped each other grow. “She’s turned me on to so many movies and so much good music. It’s fun just to have conversations, watch movies with her,” Joseph said back in 2012.

Fingers crossed for another cute collaboration from the two of them in the future! (Preferably the near future, since they’re adorable together.)

Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale

Zac and Ashley might not get the chance to hang out as much as they did during their High School Musical days, but they have a great excuse – they’ve just been so darn busy. Also, the rumors of their friendship turning romantic, but hey – she still supports his career. In fact, she was one of the first people to show up at the premiere of his film That Awkward Moment earlier this year.

During Ashley’s 26th birthday party, she let it be known to the world that Zac’s presence meant the world to her. “‘So happy Zacary made it to my party!!! He’s my brother/best friend!!!” she tweeted. Aww. Those kids.

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