Item Of The Day: Eve Pearl Flawless Face Palette

Eve Pearl Flawless Face Palette (Light)

All summer, I battle tested this sturdy, slimline beauty… from a Vegas weekend as hot as a blast furnace, to an impromptu bus trip to Seattle (to toast HelloGiggles site designer Kate Harmer at the launch of her studio, Hum CreativeHi Kate!), to the weekly karaoke night and monthly singalong I host and every manner of date, concert, pub crawl, trade show, restaurant opening and party in between. Chief among its advantages is the firepower, with a six-pan arsenal that contains: two blendable foundation cream shades and coordinating concealers; the perfect tone of cream blush; a mattifier and a shimmering highlighter.  Add to all of that a huge mirror and the sheer ubiquity of what’s in this palette has pared down my routine and freed up room in my purse, so that with the right tools and a little practice with the “reverse contour” method Eve Pearl extols, I’m serving up the best beauty face for all my situations. And it’s always a nice thing to get compliments from men and women alike… even more so over the age of 40, which (SPOILER ALERT) is what I happen to be.

I got to see Eve Pearl (and one of the Emmy awards she’s won) demonstrate her techniques live when she visited CurliQue in Vancouver during this summer’s International Makeup Artist Trade Show, which made it a lot easier to get the hang of “reverse contour”. Essentially, you’re putting the darker of the two foundation shades under your eyes and on your nose and chin, where its salmon tones combat redness and brighten under-eye circles much more naturally than the lighter shade, which works best on the upper part of the eye, around the mouth and under the cheekbones down to the jawline. Once you’ve blended the two with a good quality foundation brush, the feeling of the water-based formula is light, non-greasy, and remarkably durable , especially with a light dusting of powder to set the finish.

At almost $100, the price makes it an investment, but given what it does and how well it does it, it’s actually a pretty great value.

Emmy-winner Eve Pearl and her make-up line

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