Teenage WastelandEva the Wizard! (Or… Witch?)Mikaela Foster

A couple weeks ago, my 7 year old sister Eva started reading Harry Potter and is now addicted! She is totally convinced that she is a Wizard. This is Eva in her room (which is apparently shared with Hermione Granger) “after my first day of classes”. I hope you enjoy!


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  1. “muggel studies” <3

  2. I love how she knows the spell to disarm people and the spell to cut them into pieces but she doesn’t know what either does…I mean I’m not that into harry potter that I know what all the spells mean…


  4. I’m completely sure this girl is going to be Teddy Lupins’ first girlfriend.

  5. harry potter for life!

  6. This is so cute! Seriously. Mad props to your sister for being a Harry Potter geek like the rest of us <33 (P.S. Arithmancy is a " magical discipline that included predicting the future with numbers and numerology" according to Harry Potter Wiki!)

  7. Amaaaaazing! I definitely believe that Eva’s a wizard. She knows her stuff.