Ev and Laundry Part 1

Check in with Keller blue every Monday for the latest shenanigans of Ev and her (sometimes) sidekick, Lenny the Great.

  • Anonymous

    Since gold is waaaaay over-priced thus under a lot of rsrspuee to fall to a sensible valuation of perhaps $400/ounce, and stocks grew an over-enthusiastic 26% this year (but as a result mostly of real earnings ), I think that although nobody really knows, it’s a pretty safe bet that the broader stock market will be about flat for the year, and gold, as a consequence, will end up where it should be Now that the war(s) are being run by the government rather than Blackwater (who stood only to profit by prolonging rather than solving conflict), I won’t be surprised to see an enormous amount of progress in Iraq/Iran/the Middle East, resulting in improved global stability and a significant recovery in World markets by Jan 1 2011. I also expect that the star performer this year will be the Japanese market.Let me know in January 2011 how I did, okay?

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  • Anonymous

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