Erin Foster is the Worst Babysitter Ever

Let’s be clear: kids are the worst.

They ask too many questions, they’re super nosy, they’re super needy, they spill everything, they’re small, they don’t get sarcasm, they can’t read, they have no concept of how to be subtle about ANYTHING and they are full on buzz kills when it comes to almost everything.

Babies are fine – mostly because they can’t speak. You could exaggerate a story around them and they would just let it slide, but tell the slightest tall tale around a kid and they’re all like, “That’s not what happened, Auntie Erin!”

Don’t ask me to watch your kid, unless you want them to find out the truth about Santa Claus and what “Mommy used to be a dancer” really means.

Directed By: Justin Coit (@JustinCoit)

Starring: Erin Foster and Sunny Obst (Daughter of @LiesITellMyD)

  • Natalie Borriello
  • Meredith Bagdazian

    I love it! Sometimes I feel like this is me and my nephew 😉

  • Marcelle Ruby Karp

    OMG, so funny.

  • Chelsea Oscarson

    Sooo funny! As a nanny I found that absolutely hilarious!

  • Jo Jones

    haha this is hilarious.

  • Gemma Sellings

    Good stuff Erin! But I just know you were all over that cute little kiddie when the camera stopped rolling :)

    • Erin Foster

      true :)

  • Jocqulene Castro

    Dying. This was so cute! I’m a nanny and sometimes I feel the exact same way.

  • Rebecca Prucha

    This is me. I’m the baby of my family so I never had younger kids around me so now I just never know what to say to children.

  • Jennifer Heslop

    Those jeans are so fetch

  • Lynda Obst

    Loved this so much I’ve watched it 6 times in 6 minutes counting.

  • Lynda Obst

    Loved this so much I’ve watched it 6 times in 6 minutes ancounting.

  • MaryKate Vadala

    OMG this child is the cutest. Next time, have them call me, I’ll babysit.

  • Sarah Elkotbeid

    Totally agree that kids just don’t get sarcasm and it’s so hard to explain it to them!

    “No, I’m not actually going to kill myself, it’s just what people say sometimes”

    “No one jokes about killing themselves! You shouldn’t say what you don’t mean”


  • Frollein Schultheis


    but i have to say, i would never hire you to watch my boy! ;D just kiddin.. maybe.

  • Jenny Lonussen

    LOL: “I”m sorry what? Does this look like a body that’s given birth?”

    Eventhough I absolutely adore kids and jump on any occasion to babysit my nephews and niece, I thought this was hilarious. I mean kids can be a handful even on their best day, LOL!

  • Deejay Stacey


  • Danielle Randall

    Erin,im sure you really like kids,so you did an excellent job here…i watched it 3 times and still laughed each time.

  • Conchita Danielle G

    WHAHAHAHA this is soooo funnny!
    I’m like a “1st choice”(celebrity) nanny and I thought the video was hilarious I’m like 97% the OPPOSITE of that XD
    but sometimes I will act very dry-stoic and say stuff like: uh huh , yay…, wow yeah i see it,…well too bad,.. but why annnd uhm whyy and also -. whyyyy?,..
    And then the mom says like:
    “Haha I find it so funny how you don’t make a big deal out of some stuff and just make a joke out of it or just act so nochalant or stoic, I would be stressing or finding it hard to say the correct thing”

  • Eireann O’Dea

    This is amazing.

  • Tamil Selvi N

    Ya, this is amazing.

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