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Episode 7: Bethany Joy Galeotti – ‘It Happens' (Sugarland)

I never much cared for country music until a girlfriend in high school, Katie Kuperus, introduced me to Deana Carter’s album Did I Shave My Legs For This? That CD put me on a 10-plus year journey into the glory of country, bluegrass, folk and the newer country-pop.  I recently had the privilege of playing a concert with the lovely Annie Clements, who is that hot bass player in Sugarland.  She introduced me to their music and ‘It Happens’ quickly became one of my favorite songs.  So here goes – Video Chat Karaoke.  Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the future…

  • Lizzie May Campbell-Kelly

    I love her so much.

  • Cristina Aparicio

    I love Bethany and will always hope for a CD. :) Great cover. :)

  • Karoline Onsrud

    It’s videos like this that makes it worth getting up after a three hour afternoon nap

  • Tori Tasch

    This is my autistic sister’s favorite song and you AND Sugarland are some of my favorite musicians. GREAT post :)

  • Joni Heylens

    I’ve loved your voice ever since that episode in One Tree Hill were you sang for the first time :)

  • Katie Buffington

    Love her voice so much. I’ve always thought she really needs to put a CD out since she started singing on OTH… Maybe when that ends she will find the time!

  • Jessica Ann Lucia

    You are one of my favorite musicians and actresses. I love this video, hellogiggles and your blog!!!

  • Matilde Reinholdt Belsvik

    I love your voice so much!

  • Mandy McDonald

    Awesome! My 11 month old clapped during the whole thing :)

  • LaQuishe Wright

    Love this! Bethany is too cute!

  • Rifath Hoque

    I remember when I saw her at the one tree hill concert. She’s so pretty.

  • Jessica Scopel

    Bethany, I love your voice.

  • Saskia Jansse

    Soooo….. You should seriously think about putting some Country tracks on that new Everly album coming out. You totally ROCKED this. AMAZING. This is totally going on my Ipod. Though maybe you can look the crew of SUGARLAND in the eye and ask for their permission to record and actual studio version of this one. Again…. Amazeballs. OH and totally digging this hairdo!

  • Britnie Skye Campaniello

    Love the song

  • Shaylynn Middlenameless Kilfoyle

    So when I was a kid in a high school, a few years ago:) Joy was on tour with the OTHillers & the concert was cancelled, and I gotta say.. I still haven’t gotten over it.. love her voice.

  • Zara Lusty

    you have a great voice and I love that Maria is dancing along in the background

  • Emily Mclean

    Bethany u sould cover Carrie Underwood Before He Cheats

  • Sam Smith

    Really loved this :)

    Question: What kind of chair is that big one behind you, I so want to get one.

  • Jess James

    Such a natural! Wow. xo

  • Antonella Preuss

    Love her voice! And I’ll always love her as Haley 😀

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