Video Chat Karaoke

Episode 6: Fiona Hoey – ‘Rolling in the Deep' (Adele)

Since we were tiny little munchkins running around the beaches of Green Harbor in our bathing suits, my cousin Fiona has been singing. There has never been a holiday or family event where we didn’t pause to let Fiona sing a song, her part-time hostessing job at a restaurant in high school turned into a lounge act once the place got a karaoke machine and somewhere in my apartment, I have a CD with her singing five versions of the National Anthem that she recorded right before she started college. She also kills it on the cello, but singing has always been her favorite so of course I thought of her when we started Video Chat Karaoke.

And her swagger in this video is to die for, right? After she sent it to me, she emailed me and said, “Sorry I moved around so much, I guess I think I’m Beyonce or something.”

Fiona, I hope you always think you’re Beyonce. Work it out, girl.

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