Video Chat Karaoke

Episode 47: Emily Tsontilis ‘Why Don't You Love Me?' (Beyoncé)

Emily is a 21 year old singer songwriter studying fashion journalism in Southampton, England. She occasionally likes to eat crepes and macaroons, whilst pretending she is Blair Waldorf, and spends her days and nights wishing she owned a harp. She is also obsessed with all things Harry Potter. You can follow her on Twitter here or read her Tumblr. You can also check out her YouTube channel.

As part of our super fun Video Chat Karaoke series, we’d love to see our wonderful readers (that means you!) show us your stuff by sending in clips of you singing along to your favourite tunes.

Here’s Emily working it to the Beyoncé track ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’ – we think she does a great job!

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