Video Chat KaraokeEpisode 4: Zooey Deschanel & Ben Schwartz – ‘Tonight You Belong to Me' (from ‘The Jerk')Rivka Rossi

Editor’s note: This was such an amazing duet, we had to share it again! Love these two :)

I tend to describe the people I love most as people that feel like “cousins” to me or “summer camp friends.” I find that labeling my relationships is really quite important and amusing. Zooey and Ben often come over and we have a family dinner together. Hanging with Ben and Zooey feels like hanging out with your favorite cousins, but the kind of cousins who are extremely talented.

Ben Schwartz is one of my favorite humans and writer/comedians. I had no idea what improv comedy even was until I met him. Shocking, right? Zooey is a co-founder of HelloGiggles and good at everything she does – I really mean everything! The other day Zooey was just playing around on her “uke” (that’s a really cool word for ukelele) and she and Ben started to just make up songs and then sing songs I also loved. It was like having my own private variety show.

I decided that I shouldn’t be so selfish to keep this special private. So, guys, enjoy Zooey and Ben singing ‘Tonight You Belong to Me’ from the best movie, The Jerk. Also, try to imagine Ben as Steve Martin and Zooey as Bernadette Peters, and then just try not to smile.


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  1. what ukulele does zooey have?

  2. i loved :D

  3. I LOVE this! What are the chords that Zooey uses?

  4. I work in tech support and they monitor our calls…well i got busted for viewing this page during a call :) that score went from a 100% to a 50% whoops

  5. excellent!

  6. can jean-ralphio get a job at a piano bar?

  7. Pretty much can’t handle this. So gooood!!

  8. It’s true, I couldn’t help but smile!

  9. great ! adorable voice .. this has made my day ! LOVE

  10. This song gives me the hearts for eyes bbm face.

  11. I can’t stop listening to this! Delightful!

  12. Love it!!!!!!!

  13. Music to my ears. It makes me happy.
    I say keep it coming with more please! I love the duet with you two together
    awesome complimentary voices.

  14. That’s one of my favorite songs ever! I’m in love with this video.


  16. OH MY GOD
    this has made me so happy!!!!

  17. Oh, that’s lovely. (To pull out a vague 1950s reference: which one’s Patience and which one’s Prudence?)

  18. no other way to describe this: TRULY, UTTERLY DELIGHTFUL. i can’t stop watching it. amazing!

  19. One of my favorite parts of The Jerk. Love it when Bernadette pulls out the trumpet at the end. So unexpectedly funny!

  20. That was so sweet it gave me a toothache. Note to Self: Buy Ukulele, stat.

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