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Episode 4: Zooey Deschanel & Ben Schwartz – ‘Tonight You Belong to Me' (from ‘The Jerk')

Editor’s note: This was such an amazing duet, we had to share it again! Love these two :)

I tend to describe the people I love most as people that feel like “cousins” to me or “summer camp friends.” I find that labeling my relationships is really quite important and amusing. Zooey and Ben often come over and we have a family dinner together. Hanging with Ben and Zooey feels like hanging out with your favorite cousins, but the kind of cousins who are extremely talented.

Ben Schwartz is one of my favorite humans and writer/comedians. I had no idea what improv comedy even was until I met him. Shocking, right? Zooey is a co-founder of HelloGiggles and good at everything she does – I really mean everything! The other day Zooey was just playing around on her “uke” (that’s a really cool word for ukelele) and she and Ben started to just make up songs and then sing songs I also loved. It was like having my own private variety show.

I decided that I shouldn’t be so selfish to keep this special private. So, guys, enjoy Zooey and Ben singing ‘Tonight You Belong to Me’ from the best movie, The Jerk. Also, try to imagine Ben as Steve Martin and Zooey as Bernadette Peters, and then just try not to smile.

  • April McLean

    Its the kind of video that you can’t stop watching. Every note is absolutely captivating. Love this. <3

  • Acacia Gray

    Lovely performance from both of you. Keep them coming! :)

  • Anonymous

    Jean-Ralphio! So very precious.

  • Maria Jose Rojas

    can I have them perform a concert on Besties Day? Totally awesome

  • Daphne Melvin

    that was so wonderful. I love you guys! Zooey can I be your mistress?

  • Estela Magana

    I don’t think it’s possible to love any other video more than this one! Zooey Deschanel & BEN SCHWARTZ! This is my heaven! :)

  • Shauna Lewis

    this is just about the cutest thing i’ve ever seen in my life.

  • Jenny Lonussen

    Wow I feel like it’s Christmas hahah.. First that amazing video last week and now this. What a wonderful way to start my day! Wow this is awesome!

  • Annika Wakup

    Splendid :)

  • Lara Streeter


  • Alli Woods Frederick

    I LOVE this song. My honey & I played it at our wedding…love it.

  • Kara Colynuck

    Oh Happy Morning! A uke, the incomparable Zooey D. and a reminder of one of my favourite funny men, Steve Martin – precisely perfect. ♥

  • Chelsey Headrick

    Well, that just made my morning. Thanks for providing me a happy start to my Tuesday.

  • Sarah Newman

    I love the Patience & Prudence version of this song, but the ukelele is a really sweet touch. Adorable!

  • Michael John

    THAT was our wedding song. It actually was. However we didn’t have a wedding song until our 20th anniversary. That is when we renewed our vows. We originally got married by a judge to avoid all that wedding falderol. However, after 20 years, it was the perfect song from our favorite movie. Thanks for playing that!

  • Anna Schatte

    The best thing to wake-up to and get me pumped about an audition today is Jean-Ralphio singing to me sweetly!! Love this!!

  • Michaela Tighe

    Ugh…hurts my heart this is so sweet…

  • MaryBeth Hernandez

    awww thanks for the grin :) Love it!

  • JulieAnne Pagdonsolan

    first time to hear this song and it’s entertaining my ears! i specially like that it’s zooey’s voice im hearing.

  • Руслан Якушин

    excellent performance

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