Video Chat Karaoke


We couldn’t do our Video Chat Karaoke series without including our co-founder Zooey Deschanel. Zooey chose to sing ‘Crazy’ by Patsy Cline but she could literally sing anything and it would bring a smile to my face. This is the start of something very beautiful. Enjoy this little gem and let’s hope for many more from Zooey.

  • Gestión Pereira Desde Adentro

    2:44, happy endding.! 😀

  • Nicholas Swyryt

    This is just adorable. <3

  • Rachelle Letain

    So good! Must be nice to be so talented!

  • Roberto I. Flores Jiménez

    Brillant!!! Excellent!! She could sing the Macarena and still sound beutiful!

  • Kate Welshofer

    Love it!

  • Ruth K Varley

    She has such a fantastic singing voice – I love this!

  • Becky Porter Stancill

    tears! Zooey’s voice is fabulous! Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      That’s the preefct insight in a thread like this.

    • Anonymous

      Hm6aPB xjbmqpgntjvd

  • Richard Starr

    There is just something about her, the quintessential girl next door.
    The girl you wish was your girlfriend, not because she is hot (though she is),
    but because of that innate ethereal element that makes you smile just because.

    Granted, this may just be a well crafted illusion from the media, but if so, its
    among their best work and I’d rather not know differently.

    • Myrna E. Gallegos

      couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Paula Jung

    holy crap. her eyes are staring straight through my soul.

  • Liri Nàvon

    This made my day.

  • Bianca Bassell

    You are a goddess :)

  • Elizabeth McDonald

    Super red eyes! Let the girl sleep!

  • Frank Fraone

    I think she made all her fans day!

  • Jessica Henderson

    I have melted. I am also dead. My life would be made if I could just hear her sing one song in real life. so much zooey love. <3

  • Miguel Trujillo

    I love this intimate moment..
    Zooey you rock my world

  • Aly Marie

    i cant see it :( did i miss it?

    • Matt Jones

      @ Aly Marie – you can see it on the tumblr link above. Or here:

  • Matt Jones

    Weird. I couldn’t see it either, but as soon as I replied to the above post – there it is.

  • Maricruz Valtierra

    amazing voice :) thats why i love she and him

  • Joanna Christine Hayes

    You’re amazing. Love this song.

  • Jessica Day

    Such a beautiful voice and woman.

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