We couldn’t do our Video Chat Karaoke series without including our co-founder Zooey Deschanel. Zooey chose to sing ‘Crazy’ by Patsy Cline but she could literally sing anything and it would bring a smile to my face. This is the start of something very beautiful. Enjoy this little gem and let’s hope for many more from Zooey.

  • Thamy Almeida

    love love love love love it!

  • Linda Moore

    Wow! Zooey Deschanel = Truly Beautiful. LOVE your voice. :)

  • Kourtney Christine

    i love how she kinda giggles and smiles at the end. :)

  • Bianca Italia

    to post a comment

  • Pete Nabity

    A voice that could melt my heart in the midst of an Antarctic winter. I’ve thought so for a long time, but the best part was the little smile at the end.

  • Meaghan Wheatley

    lovely. Simply lovely. :)

  • Stephanie Hall

    Please make this weekly :-D

  • Alyssa Kuglin

    I think Zooey needs to sing my favorite song Que Sera Sera. I love all versions, kinda like Dream a Little Dream of Me.

  • Leann Marie Bonnette

    loved it !!!

  • Erick Martinez

    This is awesome!! I hope she does more of these
    Love the smile at the end

  • Christine Ryan Crowther

    p.s. Can I be your sister wife?

  • Christine Ryan Crowther

    I agree, the smile at the end makes it.

  • Kirst Dunn

    zooey – my idol! happy thursday giggles peeps xo

  • Jc Mendez

    Willie should be proud of that performance of his song

  • Blandine Demailly

    Zooey can do no wrong. Ever.

  • Christian Elliott

    <3 <3 <3

  • Cristina Jiménez


  • Jessica Day

    Such a beautiful voice and woman.

  • Joanna Christine Hayes

    You’re amazing. Love this song.

  • Maricruz Valtierra

    amazing voice :) thats why i love she and him

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