Video Chat Karaoke

Episode 1: Rozzi Crane – ‘Say My Name' (Destiny's Child)

Guys, I love video chatting (I think I look really pretty on there) but I don’t love doing karaoke (because I can’t sing). So, when Rozzi (aka Tatti’s BFF) came over yesterday, I thought it would make sense for me to boss her into  doing a new webseries I have been wanting to do. Video Chat Karaoke! Rozzi is so talented and has so much swagger that she could literally  sing out my e-mails and I would be mesmerized. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this?

Rozzi is the first of our series. She takes requests. Well, she doesn’t know that yet but she will. Send us a song and our main girl, aka the talented one, will sing for you!.

You can find Rozzi on Twitter here, or on Facebook here, or… on YouTube here!