Video Chat KaraokeEpisode 1: Rozzi Crane – ‘Say My Name' (Destiny's Child)Rivka Rossi

Guys, I love video chatting (I think I look really pretty on there) but I don’t love doing karaoke (because I can’t sing). So, when Rozzi (aka Tatti’s BFF) came over yesterday, I thought it would make sense for me to boss her into  doing a new webseries I have been wanting to do. Video Chat Karaoke! Rozzi is so talented and has so much swagger that she could literally  sing out my e-mails and I would be mesmerized. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this?

Rozzi is the first of our series. She takes requests. Well, she doesn’t know that yet but she will. Send us a song and our main girl, aka the talented one, will sing for you!.

You can find Rozzi on Twitter here, or on Facebook here, or… on YouTube here!


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  1. unreal this is fantastic

  2. What a fantastic voice – and SUCH a doll! :) I agree with molls. ANYTHING by Erykah Badu would be fantastic. Joss Stone is another great choice. “Dirty Man” would be fabulous to hear from the lovely Rozzi.

  3. I’m behind Molly Pinto… Bring on Tyrone! This was so hilarious. I loved every second.

  4. OMG please sing Call Tyrone! I can hear her now, being all sassy and shit.

  5. so much attitude in that voice, love it!

  6. umm, she’s just freaking AWESOME!

    Grasie Mercedes | 6/26/2011 11:06 am
  7. This so completely just made me smile. LOVE IT!~Amber

  8. Oh my god so good. This is how I sound in my head when I do karaoke. Believe by Cher!!!!!!!! That’s my karaoke staple. Love this.

  9. Love this! You should sing Justin Bieber’s Baby!

    • I think she should sing all the names in the Justin Bieber for OPI nail polish collection

  10. Rozzi, you have amazing teeth. Can you sing CALL TYRONE by ERYKAH BADU?!

  11. amazing !!love the idea can she sing in french?

  12. OMG. I. DIE!

  13. Her voice is ridic. I can’t wait to see more!

  14. Her voice is freaking amazing!!! Reminds me Joss Stone! I’d love to see her singing “Right to be wrong” by Joss Stone n “You’ve got the love” by Florence + the machine (luv this band). Go Rozzi! u rock girl.

  15. love, love, love it!

  16. Brilliant.

  17. More of this please!

  18. This is kind of the bomb dot com.

  19. Love the concept. And a wonderful first video! :-)