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In honor of World Emoji Day, just a few emojis that don't exist but should

Happy World Emoji Day, Emoji lovers! Last we spoke, I was pleased to discover that you all love these little text stickers as much as I do. You gave me some awesome Emoji suggestions and insights, which I am forever thankful for. But I got to thinking: There’s really NOT an Emoji for every occasion. We’re missing a few.

Sure, I love getting creative with Emojis. But sometimes, I have to get a little too creative. I’ll say it: the Emoji library is incomplete. There are TWO calendars to choose from, one tear away and one desktop, but no sandwich?! I understand that Emojis were created in Japan, so my emoticon needs may be different from the emoticon needs in other parts of the world. And I know, beggars can’t be choosers, but I think the app is due for a few updates. To be fair, we did get some AMAZING Emojis with the latest update (diverse Emojis! Taco Emoji!). But it’s time for some new Emojis! I’ll even draw them myself. Just kidding, you guys don’t want that.

Here are the Emojis I think need to be added to the repertoire. And, if you still don’t have Emojis yet – seriously, download the app!


The loaf of bread just doesn’t cut it, and the hamburger isn’t the same. How will my friends know I want to go to Subway?



I’m trying to save Nev and Max some time with this one. People who meet online could send the catfish Emoji and be all like “Are you [catfish]ing me? lol” but then we’ll probably see them on the show in six months anyway.

Magic wand

The crystal ball just doesn’t cut it for me. This one would be good for any and all Harry Potter and/or Arrested Development texts/quote-offs.

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