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Emily Engaged: 10 Things I Love About Weddings

I wrote 10 Things I Hate About Weddings back in December and I must say, this one was much more fun. Happiness rocks, you guys.*

  1. Forgetting about every detail you stressed about for months. When I was planning my wedding, I was so concerned with every little thing. On the day of, I hardly cared to touch up my makeup.
  2. The ride to the church with bridesmaids, pop music and champagne. There’s something extra-fun about car-dancing with your buds for the last time as a single lady.
  3. The moments between dad and daughter, right before they walk down the aisle. My dad gave me a soccer-related pep talk (“Remember the time I taught you how to do a penalty kick?”) right before our big entrance. I was crying before we even walked in the door.
  4. How every makeup artist says not to cry, knowing every bride will cry. Word of advice: dab your tear ducts, not under your eyes.
  5. First dance butterflies. I’m not a particularly shy person, but entering the reception then moving straight into the first dance really freaked me out. I made my fiance visit my hotel room the night before the big day so that I could practice spinning without tripping (I never said I was graceful).
  6. The look on the dad’s face when he sees the bride. I think this one gets me because of Father of the Bride.  All I could think about was how my dad must have been feeling. I used to tear through the house in my bride pajamas (with matching veil, y’all) and finally, I stood in front of him, ready to get married and start my own family.
  7. The look on the groom’s face when he sees the bride. Not that I could see my fiances face through my watery eyes (that’s what pictures are for).
  8. Reading the pile of cards from loved ones. There’s always talk of wedding gifts but my wedding cards are what I remember the most right now. Something about weddings makes everyone extra cheesy and emotional—I’ve never felt more loved by my friends and family.
  9. Dancing like a fool and hug all your best friends. This one sounds silly, but think about it—I go out with my work friends, college friends, high school friends, etc., but never all at once. Weddings bring the dream team together, it’s like the Olympics.
  10. Seeing mom and dad beaming in every last picture. Seeing how happy my parents (and parents-in-law) were on the big day was as good as my own happiness. I can’t remember the last time I saw my parents smile so much … or do the air guitar.

*I can’t pretend like my positive attitude is being bolstered by listening to this song, on repeat.

Image via Sweet Nostalgia

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