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These embroidered vintage rackets are so uniquely beautiful

Armed with vibrant, thick thread that instantly draws you into her colorful world, artist Danielle Clough weaves stunningly detailed forms, figures, and yes, flowers.

However, she didn’t use your average embroidery hoop-cloth combo as a canvas for her recent, playfully-named What A Racket series. Instead, she challenged herself by transforming vintage tennis and badminton rackets into an unconventional, yet brilliant, workspace.


“A friend showed me these simple heart weavings on a racket and I was determined to figure out how to interpret my style of embroidery onto them,” the 27-year-old, Cape Town native tells HelloGiggles, when describing the inspiration behind this series. “I’m always looking for new materials to use and find that car boot markets are the best place for that type of inspiration.” With this in mind, it can definitely be said that what’s in one person’s trunk can be another person’s treasure.

(Also, from this moment on, we will definitely be stopping at every garage sale we pass.)


Upon the rackets’ durable strings, Clough loops and interweaves her thread to create blossoming flowers that feature a range of vivid colors and eye-catching details. Through these elaborate weavings, the artist perfectly conveys that there’s depth to her work, and that there’s more to her pieces than meets the eye.

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