Ellen's Dance Dare + Dance Like Nobody Is Watching!Tatti Ribeiro

HelloGiggles’ very own Angela Trimbur was submitted by fans of her video to Ellen’s Dance Dare with her Dance Like Nobody is Watching video! Angela’s video is amazing and awesome! I can’t think of a cooler person to do or win Ellen’s Dance Dare. She is fearless and has some MOVES – like, serious moves! Check out Angela’s submission video here:

And Ellen’s Dance Dare video here:

You can submit through this link!


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  1. Love this video!

  2. [...] was on Hello Giggles today and I saw this wonderful [...]

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! She is GREAT. Who is this singing?!

  4. I love this!! So funny!

  5. a girl after my own heart…this is so funny. my girls better hope we never go to the laundrymat…this looks so fun. I love the way everyone around is actually ignoring her dancing….haha

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