From Our ReadersEllen DeGeneres, Email My Mom Back!From Our Readers

My mom wrote to Ellen DeGeneres asking her to give me, her daughter, some “show biz” advice. As my mom does not own a computer or email address I thought this gesture was both incredibly touching and impressive. This is my attempt at getting my mom the response she so obviously deserves. JOIN THE CAMPAIGN TO GET ELLEN DEGENERES TO EMAIL MY MOM BACK!

Stacey McGunnigle is an actor/writer/comedian from Toronto ON. She can be seen performing with The Second City’s National Touring Company, as well as hanging around parks petting dogs that don’t belong to her. You can find Stacey on YouTube in her weekly video series “Stacey Helps”, tweeting @TheStaceyMcG or just jump in totally and check out

  • Megan Kinney

    I hope she gets a email back! (did you really just send her a email and pretending its your mom? lol)

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