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Electric Guest – ‘This Head I Hold'

Even though I like to think of myself as the ultimate source when it comes to awesome new jams suggestions for friends, family and now, the world of HelloGiggles, sometimes you just gotta give credit where credit is due.  My BFF back in Miami and I have been passing new song/band discoveries back and forth for years now.  We have this sort of long-standing tradition/argument about  who-told-who-about-this-band-first, which I like to always claim to be the victor of, obviously.  This time, however, the title goes to my main man E$ for texting me the other day about this LA duo, Electric Guest.  He told me that they are super cool and I should check them out, like now, also noting that they are playing locally at “The Echoes” and I should go see them live if possible.  Being from the East Coast, we have to forgive my buddy for not knowing the venue is called The Echo and still take note that this band is about to break and break big.

After listening to their single, ‘This Head I Hold’, off their forthcoming debut LP Mondo, seeing that it was produced by Danger Mouse and that it has that perfect mix of danceable indie, soul and atmospheric electro that Danger Mouse-helmed projects are well known for – I was an instant fan.  Frontman Asa Taccone pulls off a seemingly effortless falsetto throughout the 3-minute hookfest while former roommate, longtime friend and bass/drum/guitar playing Matt Compton fills in the rest of the track with a kind of modernized funk which feels simultaneously retro and fresh. A quality I always look for in a new band doing their own thing.

Taccone just happens to be the younger brother of Jorma Taccone of Lonely Island and SNL fame who, along with Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer, helped to reinvigorate a sluggish SNL with their genius irreverent comedy songs and videos.  Asa was fortunate enough to have that trio as mentor/older brother figures since the early days, even helping to produce some of the Lonely Island’s most famous comedy hits which then allowed him to be able to work on Electric Guest, his own passion project.  In turn, the elder Taccone recently directed the band’s standout  video  for ‘American Daydream’ – a dark, disturbing foray into the hipster nightlife of LA.  Having Jorma as an older brother also allowed a friendship with Danger Mouse to evolve, eventually leading to the much-in-demand producer to take on overseeing the recording of Mondo.

The result is a fresh take on indie-pop-soul and what looks to be a truly promising debut.  This week marks the beginning of a month-long residency for the duo at The Echo where Asa and Matt will play free sets every Monday night throughout February.  So, check out the video for ‘This Head I Hold’ below with all of it’s 60s-esque swagger and if you live in LaLa Land or are in the vicinity this month check out your new favorite band for free one of these upcoming Monday nights.  I’ll see you there!

Oh, and one last thing…I would be remiss not to give props to my bestie Eddie for this super cool suggestion.

You win, my friend…this time.

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