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Well, here we are at last. The election is breathing down our necks, or at least that’s what I’m assuming since everyone seems so irritated by it (and keeps swatting at something behind them). Let’s take one last look at where each candidate stands on the issues, shall we? I’ve pulled some info from each candidate’s website, for your convenience. You’re welcome.

Women’s Issues


  • Signed the Lily Ledbetter Equal Pay Act, to ensure that women stop making less than men do for the same job, and receive an equal salary
  • Wants to make sure women aren’t charged more than men for health insurance based on gender
  • Implementing the Affordable Care Act to give more women access to birth control (through non-religiously affiliated institutions/workplaces/etc.) and prenatal coverage
  • Wants women to make their own healthcare decisions (ie. pro-choice)
  • Increasing women’s access to gender-specific healthcare, such as mammograms



  • I couldn’t find anything to do with women on Romney’s site. Obama’s has a Women’s Issues category; Romney has nothing. I’m really trying to be unbiased here, too. I didn’t even post all the negative “Romney would ruin this and that” stuff from Obama’s site. The closest I did find, was that Romney wants to repeal Obamacare, but his health care page makes no mention of women.
  • Pro-Life, as per the “Values” section of his campaign site. He wants to overturn Roe v. Wade (one of the biggest milestones in women’s rights achievements in America).



The Economy


  • This is an info-graphic form Obama’s website. Judge for yourself.

  • Wants to rescue the American auto industry
  • Wants to revive domestic manufacturing
  • Wants to incentivize domestic production
  • That was kind of three ways of saying the same thing?
  • Passed reforms to prevent future bank bailouts



  • Fairer, flatter, simpler taxes
  • Cutting red tape
  • Open markets on terms that work for America
  • Free enterprise, free choice, free speech when it comes to labor
  • A 21st century workforce
  • Smaller, simpler, smarter government
  • I don’t know what any of this means. Each links to long pages with confusing and vague language, so I can’t even sum it up for you guys. It’s November, can someone tell this guy what an elevator pitch is? Maybe I’m just bitter because his site is so intensive to navigate and I feel like my time is being wasted.


Equal Rights


  • Signed the Equal Pay Act
  • Supports marriage for same-sex couples
  • Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
  • Endorsed the Respect for Marriage Act
  • Increased education and job opportunities for people with disabilities



  • I’m not trying to be a jerk, you guys. There’s no Equal Rights section on Romney’s site.
  • Against same-sex marriage, based on his own upbringing (in the “Values” section)


Health Care


  • The first thing on Obama’s healthcare page is a graphic with links on how Obamacare benefits individuals based on whether they have private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or no insurance.
  • Ending insurance company abuses, like capping or dropping coverage on sick people
  • Strengthening Medicare
  • Same as above, making sure women aren’t charged more than men for healthcare



  • The first thing on Romney’s healthcare page is a section on Obama’s failure. It says that Obamacare was unpopular when it passed, but it doesn’t really base this on anything, like statistics of any kind.
  • Restore state leadership and flexibility
  • Promote free markets and fair competition
  • Empower consumer choice


National Security


  • Bringing troops home from Afghanistan with an end-date of 2014
  • Weakened Al Qaeda by killing Osama bin Laden
  • Veering away from nuclear weaponry
  • Strengthening diplomatic ties worldwide



  • Guys, he doesn’t have clean bullet points. I’m going to do my best here, but the Romney site is giving me a headache at this point. This has nothing to do with politics, just design.
  • Very pro-military based on the intro section.
  • Obama cut the defense budget (no, seriously, this is part of Romney’s plan, apparently)
  • Obama wants peace, when we’re not currently at peace. Not making this up. Still part of his plan.
  • More navy ships
  • Increasing military budget


Them’s the basics. I encourage everyone to visit each candidate’s site for themselves, research the candidates, and then going out to VOTE.


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  1. I couldn’t help but laugh at the lack of or confusing mess of information that the Romney website provides. It really is comical.

    • Purely from a marketing and web design standpoint, it’s barely a notch above Dole’s website from ’96. Don’t assume people want to read a novel. It doesn’t make you look more legit. Break things down into simple terms, and provide links to more info. Maybe throw in some pretty info-graphics.

  2. Still seems very biased from what i read… Seems like you are solely going by the websites and not the debates as well… Its pretty clear you are only trying to support Obama and how “wonderful” he is..

    IDK why i keep reading your posts on politics, i generally love your posts but these are just not working for me.

    • I tried to be as unbiased as possible. I decided not to include the debates, because the analyses of them is inherently biased. By going based purely off what each candidate has to say on their campaign site, I felt it was the most direct way of comparing their stance on the issues. I have a day job too, and to be honest, I spent at least twice as much time trying to find things on Romney’s site as I did on Obama’s — that thing is a mess. It gave me a headache, that wasn’t even a joke. The most biased thing about this post is that I put women’s issues at the top, which I did because it speaks most to our readers.

      • I get what y’all are saying as far as stating the facts from the site, i will not argue that, but i guess becasue i am so set on being a republican my view of your writing style could be bias as well … At this point all people are going to take things in a sort of defensive conttext.

        • I think that if I were a republican I would be disappointed with the party’s choice of candidates. There are some great politicians who have ideas and positive things to bring to the table and I just saw none of that with Romney. Even if I disagree with someone, I endeavor to respect them. It’s disappointing when they don’t care if I do.

          • What is so great about being American is forming our won opinions. While I AM disappointed in who won this election I still believe that GOD had his part in who was meant to be our leader and I respect that and I pray for Obama. I meant no disrespect to you or any other Democrat. Writing can always come off as harsh even when it isn’t intended that way. It goes by how a reader takes it, like I stated before. I can say the same for the Democrat candidate as you with the Republican. I really like Romney and his values. While I am not Mormon I do share a belief in God and the same moral codes. I do not think that a better candidate would make a difference. With all the feminism going on and women believing that we are suppressed, of course Obama was going to win. All I can say is I have never felt like a this country is trying to push women backwards just because I am a woman. Actually all the women I know made their names and success while Bush was in office. So what is that to say about Republicans who do not care about women..??? No one advertised all the great things that Romney has done for women, such as his constant support for his mom and his amazing wife. But to each his own. And congrats on getting the President you wanted.. And i mean that with complete sincerity.

            • Thanks? This post wasn’t about getting the president I wanted, it was about giving people basic information to vote with, and encouraging them to pursue more. I think that supporting your family members should be inherent… as for all this feminism, if you have no problem being paid less based on your gender while being charged more for things like health insurance (even before things like prenatal coverage influence your bill), then by all means, feel empowered while being taken advantage of. As for me, a systematic inequality is a systematic inequality. And that just goes against what this country stands for.

    • I don’t know, I think that it’s very telling that Romney’s website– which SHOULD be a home base for his opinions and beliefs because SO many people turn to the web for their news and information and SO MANY people do not watch the debates– doesn’t touch on women’s issues and equal rights, which for a lot of us, are two of the major issues on our mind during this election. It’s not that I’d never like a Republican candidate– that’s not it at all. It’s that ignoring massive issues that would directly affect millions of American’s is basically saying that he doesn’t care about them. And that’s a pretty big bummer.

  3. For people who, for some reason, still aren’t sure who they want to vote for, try isidewith.com. It also covers third party candidates, who seriously need more love.

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