Sandwiches rank high among my list of favorite types of food. There are so many different kinds, variations and flavors. They are truly remarkable. For today’s gallery, I decided to take their remarkableness up a notch by finding the strangest and most creative sandwiches the Internet had to offer.

Although most of these sandwiches look semi-beautiful and delicious, I can’t say that I would eat any of them. To me, nothing beats a plain old peanut butter and banana sandwich. No fancy stuff required. What is your favorite kind of a sandwich?

  • Karin Elizabeth Meares

    that was emotionally moving for me. thank you.

  • Katrina Everett

    I’ll always remember a song that we had to sing in class when I was in grade 3…

    “Sandwiches are beautiful,
    sandwiches are fine…
    I like sandwiches,
    I eat them all the time.
    I eat for my breakfast
    and I eat them for my lunch
    and if I had a hundred sandwiches I’d eat them all at once! Oh! sandwiches are beautiful…”

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