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This edgy ear piercing could cure chronic headaches

If you’re like me and suffer from chronic headaches and migraines, I’m guessing you’ve also tried everything in an effort to find relief. Because headaches seem to be unique to each person, so are the cures. People have suggested I go vegan, huff peppermint oil, or get botox in my forehead – “Bonus,” one woman said, “it will help with your wrinkles.” I’m 25.

And after years of resisting cheeseburgers and sniffing enough essential oil to kill a horse, I’m always looking for more solutions, or better yet, the solution.

Recently, Metro UK published an article that suggests getting a daith piercing could help with chronic headaches. Umm, what? Get me some ice and a needle, I will do this myself, Parent Trap style.

A daith piercing passes through that teeny tiny fold of cartilage on the innermost part of your ear. You should not actually try the piercing at home (I said to myself in the mirror). Some acupuncturists believe there is a pressure point located in that little fold and target the area when treating migraines. Dr. Thomas Cohn in Minnesota blogged back in March that he witnessed patients “coincidentally” seen improvement with their condition after getting the daith piercing. He stressed that the correlation between the piercing and migraines has not been formally studied, which, to someone who was just about to pierce her own ear, is kind of a red flag.

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