Style Me GrasieEar Cuffs – Will You Wear the Trend?Grasie Mercedes

Dramatic ear cuffs are super on trend and I’m currently lusting after a bunch of them! They are super cool and can add some real flair to any look. Some are more subtle, while others will turn heads. Are you into this trend and will you rock the look?

If so, here are some tips on how to wear them:

  • Let the cuff be the statement. Pair them with small stud earrings or no earrings at all.
  • If you choose a more dramatic ear cuff, don’t wear a necklace that’s going to compete for its attention. Throw on some rings and/or bracelets instead.
  • Wear only one at a time. Wearing two ear cuffs is too much.

  1. Mr. Kate look book
  2. ASOS crystal scroll ear cuff
  3. Topshop rhinestone curver ear cuff
  4. Topshop spike earcuff
  5. ASOS Husam El Odeh ear cuff
  6. Miss Selfridge ear cuff
  7. Shopbop Cornelia Webb ear piece
  8. Mr. Kate nugget ear cuff
  9. Shopbop A Piece Treaty Neith
  10. ASOS stone daisy ear cuff with Swarovski stones
  • Sarah Kate Khoury

    I love the ear cuff, I just can’t find one within my price range!

    • Grasie Mercedes

      Lots of these are affordable…hope you find one you like :)

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