E-motions – When The Internet Isn't Cute by Paige Baker

I spend most of my life online, and have found it to be a (mostly) positive place. I’m always reading blogs written by these cute girls in their Anthropologie dresses about “Omg, u guyz. Still have mad luv 4 the Interwebz. Y’all r 2 kewt.”

And for the most part–I agree. Y’all ARE 2 kewt. But what about the other 2.8% of the time you’re online? When you get on facebook and you want to spend hours going through your home page commenting “H8 u” on every post, and only tweet “CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES. I’VE REACHED MY LAST RESORT. SUFFOCATION. NO BREATHING. DON’T GIVE A F— IF I CUT MY ARMS BLEEDING” (Papa Roach was never cool, if nothing else, I hope know you know that).

I’ve thought a lot about why we reach this point (besides, you know, PMS) and have narrowed it down to the three most logical explanations.

1. Jealousy – The Internet creates a whole new world (You’re welcome. That will be stuck in your head for the next three years) to be jealous of. A world where it is literally impossible not to see people successfully living the life you wish you had, multiple times daily.

2. Insecurity – In real, non-LCD life, when you say something to someone, you generally receive a response (if not, I suggest you find some new friends. I’m @vpbaker, or whatever) but online, things can get a little more sticky. Sometimes you tweet something totally brilliant and it doesn’t get Fav’d, RT’d, or even @replied by that creepy 68 year-old guy who follows you for some unfortunate reason. There is a petty amount of self-defeat that comes with that, and consequently, “h8 u” is sometimes all that can be said, afterward.

3. Everyone Else in the Whole World is Stupid, and You’re Really Smart, and Beautiful, and You Should Really Have a Husband Or At Least a Reality Show, Because Gaaawd, Have you Met Yourself? – Lastly, sometimes you just have to face facts, and see that no one “gets” you the way you do. And it’s not you–it’s them (obvi). That’s okay too, because, you know, you’ve just got to keep doing you.

Photo via ImperfectWomen.com

Paige Baker is currently a student of academics and the world. Find her on Twitter as @vpbaker and on her blog Fragment: Consider Revising.

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