Dubsteppin' Grandpa

This particular scene takes place at a soundcheck being performed by a group of touring musicians (including Oliver “Skream” Jones and AdegbengaBenga” Adejumo, now 2/3 of the group  Magnetic Man) in September of 2008 before an outdoor gig in Barcelona. While one of the group tests the mic from the street in front of the stage, a twinkle-toed abuelo suddenly appears out of nowhere, and proceeds to burn it down so charmingly (granted, mayhaps a little tipsily) with his fresh dance moves that the guys on stage are pretty much rendered speechless. What makes it all the more impressive is that he appears to be doing salsa moves to a dubstep beat, which as we all know is a ruggedly high degree of difficulty anyway, let alone for an impressively spry Barcelonian septuagenarian in a losing battle between his underarms and his belt. Grandpops gets hecka props for his energy, his follow-through and his form, because  you know he was probably already dancing before he ran into those guys. Some people always seem to find the music. Think it’s a coincidence that those people – and the people around them – are usually smiling? (Video by bingobombs on YouTube)