What Your Drugstore Purchases Say About You

I entered the working world at the ripe old age of 16. For my job interview, I wore a tank top and a pair of shorts. The manager took a look at my pretty bare application and decided to give me a shot. Maybe he saw the glimmer of promise in my bright eyes, or maybe it was just because I lived close – but in me, he saw a winner. Or at least, someone who’d show up on time to make sure the vitamins were facing the right direction.

That first job was at CVS. That next summer, I switched teams and worked for Walgreens. I learned a lot about drugstores, and cherish those fine summers that gave me the amazing opportunity to purchase my own iced coffee with my own money. I also spent a ton of money at CVS and Walgreens, because I was there all the time. When you work in retail, it’s amazing how much of your paycheck goes right back to your company.

That being said, here’s what your typical drugstore purchase says about you.

Makeup – In High Quantities

You don’t just buy a fun tube of bright red Wet ‘N Wild for a Halloween costume – you purchase all of your makeup from the drugstore. You’ve learned that the individual prices pull out from the plastic display, and can get a good sense for when your favorites will be marked down due to clearance. When you come face to face with the Walgreens Beauty Manager, you can’t help but wonder how much fun her job is.

What This Says About You: You like looking nice, but you know how to do it on a budget. You scoff at any kind of makeup over 20 bucks, even if it promises miracles. You don’t need miracles – you’re comfortable and confident in your routine. You’re also great at finding a close foundation match in a pinch, but admit that you’ve been off once or twice before.

Candy – In High Quantities

No matter what you buy, your hand will always reach down to get a few Kit Kats by the register. And you’re not alone – after all, the candy is placed there simply for spontaneous purchases. Yet while you’re grazing, the items you have in your hand cart include like, 5 bags of gummy worms and those circus peanuts. Because you either love or hate those things, and need to solve that mystery once and for all.

What This Says About You: You might be a bit stressed out. Or really hungry. Know how they say to never buy groceries while you’re hungry? It’s true. You end up spending more on things that look amazing during that trip, and then regret the high credit card bill later in the month. It’s super important to treat yourself every once in awhile, but don’t stock up on candy for the sake of needing candy. And here’s some good news – a recent Australian study suggests that gum can increase your alertness and reduce stress and anxiety. So maybe grabbing the Wrigleys over the Milky Way might make you feel better.

Wrinkle Creams and Face Masks

It’s an amazing feeling to slather your face up in something green, which is why everyone should experience a good face mask. (My personal favorite is the drug store classic Mint Julep by Queen Helene.) For you, no product is off limits. If it’ll stop those wrinkles before they start, all the better.

What This Says About You: You’re very concerned about how others perceive you. In fact, you might be a little too hard on yourself. Think about the last time you noticed someone’s clogged pore. Probably never, right?

It’s important to have healthy skin, but the best way to achieve it is pretty simple. According to Dr. Laila Almeida, a dermatologist based out of New Jersey, “If you want to combat wrinkles, avoid sun exposure and smoking and moisturize your skin with any kind of moisturizer.”

Tabloids and Other Magazines

If you want to try a pixie cut, the first step for you is to load up on a bunch of magazines for inspiration. You’ll examine each style about 50 times, and bring it at least five photos to your hair stylist.

You also can’t get enough celebrity gossip. Sure, some of it might be fake (since Jennifer Aniston hasn’t been pregnant for 4 years, right?) but it’s entertaining.

What This Says About You: You love to be well informed. Even if it’s pointless trivia, you still like to be in the know in case it comes up during a night out with your friends. Even if you’ve never watched The Bachelor, you like to learn about the contestants just in case their name pops up somewhere after the show.

You also like to start conversations, and are probably one of the chattiest coworkers around the water cooler. I mean, can you believe what’s happening on this season of Idol?

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