Driving At Night mix.

There’s a certain feeling and mood when you’re driving at night versus driving during the day. Sometimes it’s a “HELL YES IT’S FRIDAY NIGHT!” mood and other times it’s a “I’m driving down a quiet twisty dark road and I’m calm” mood. I made a mix that combines both. The first one is on my blog but you can listen to this on its own. This mix is also great for sitting in front of your computer on a rainy night and wondering what it all means.

1. ‘It Only Takes One Night’– Dum Dum Girls. I’m way into the shoegazing, fuzzy beach rock that’s been coming back. And yay for girl bands!

2. ‘Icky Thump’ — The White Stripes. This song is great if you’re getting ready to fight someone. Like if someone insulted your girl/guy and you’re like, “Whoa buddy, I don’t care how many movies you’ve been in, that’s not cool.” Then you smash a bottle and get to work. I mean this is great to drive to at night.

3. ‘Friday Nights’ — Diamond Vampires. This is a weird song that starts with dialogue and then gets into a long dance beat. That sounds dreadful, I know, but trust me – this is so great to drive to. If you’re driving on Hollywood or Sunset boulevard you just put the top down on your convertible and enjoy. Or you drive down which ever street suits you and, like I’ve said before, if you don’t have a convertible you can just get in a wagon and have someone pull you around while you stare up at the sky.

4. ‘Again & Again’ — The Bird and the Bee. Talk about a dance beat! This is great for the kids out there who like a good tune to sway their arms to or nod their heads to. If you’re driving, I don’t recommend that you sway your arms. Police don’t really like that.

5. ‘Sweet Disposition’ — The Temper Trap. This is that song that everyone knows from somewhere. It’s a good song. It gets around.

6. ‘Alice’ — Pogo. Pogo is this genius who takes clips from movies and sets them to a beat. It’s kind of like a mashup except that it’s more of its own song. This one samples clips from Disney’s Alice In Wonderland.

7. ‘Cupid’ — Sam Cooke. So into Sam Cooke lately. This song is dreamy, especially if you’re driving to a lover’s lane. Just watch out for The Zodiac — they never caught him.

8. ‘Ventura Highway’ — America. Don’t worry, you can listen to this classic 70s hit even if you’re not driving down the Ventura Highway. I checked. It’s fine.

9. ‘Judy And The Dream Of Horses’ — Belle and Sebastian. Starts out smooth and mellow, ends with horns.

10. ‘Factory Girl’ — The Rolling Stones. This almost has a waltz beat to it. It’s a gentler Stones song. Is it based on Edie Sedgewick? Who knows. Maybe it’s based on you.

11. ‘Back To The Farm’ — Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel. Steve Harley and Cockney rebel are best well-known for their upbeat hit ‘Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)’. You know, “COME UP AND SEE ME, MAKE ME SMIIII-IIIILE.” They were one of the many glam rock bands from the 70s that slyly borrowed from David Bowie. This song is particularly brooding and spacey but it definitely won’t put you to sleep.

12. ‘Lovesong’ — The Cure. Classic.

13. ‘Something In The Air’ — Thunderclap Newman. This song is so good I want to rip my eyeballs out of my face and eat them. You know how some songs make you feel that way? Okay, probably not. Thunderclap Newman was a band lead by Pete Townshend of The Who and this was their only hit but it’s so good. It has a Beatles feel to it too.


Driving At Night (Again)


Graphic by Emily.

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