Dressed Up New Year's Glass

When it comes to New Year’s, go big and dress up – dress everything up, all the way down to the glasses you drink from. I like to use disposable glasses on New Year’s so I never have to hear the sound of glass breaking and rugs staining. Thankfully, they do make disposable glasses that look just like normal glasses. To step up the normal, embellishing the glass can go a long way. People will forget they are disposable and just enjoy the aesthetic. You can do this to your real glasses, as well. Just remember to fully seal the bottom in Mod Podge to completely seal the glass. Otherwise, when you wash up after your party, the paper will not so glamorously fall off the bottom. So raise your beautifully decorated glasses! Here is to you, 2013, and all the opportunity you may bring.

What you need:

Step 1:

Trace out glass bottom on paper of your choice.

Step 2:

Cut out circle.

Place circle in Mod Podge and secure under glass with some weight. A small book does the trick.

Let dry till clear and glossy. This takes a few hours.

Drink and be merry in the new year!

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