Mangomini's Illustrated How-Tos

How To Dress In Scandinavian Style

I’ve had a lot of requests for illustrated how-tos on Scandinavian style and on minimalistic style. Because minimalism is such a big part of Scandinavian fashion, I’ve decided to combine the two. Scandinavian fashion is all about simple, effortless style with a less is more attitude. The climate also plays a big role. The often cold and wet weather makes layering a must. The colors are natural, often monochrome, with beautiful graphic prints. Hair and make-up are also kept very natural.

What would you like to see next on Mangomini’s illustrated how-tos? Feel free to let me know and have a good week!


  • May Gebelzig


    I love all of your illustrations, they are very cool and different, I would like to see how would you describe/ illustrate the Mexican fashion.

    I hope you read this 😉

    • Mangomini

      Hi, thank you!! I will keep Mexican style in mind, thanks for the suggestion! :)

  • Bente Nybo

    ‘I’ve just bought a pair of fantastic Swedish Clogs, and I’m so in love with them. They are that little extra to a minimalistic outfit, and they make people smile (at least here in Denmark).
    If you are looking for a trendy pair, try searching for Lotta From Stockholm.

    • Mangomini

      Oooh yes, I looked them up, very cute! :)

  • Alicia Elizabeth

    I went through that style at uni. Now I own brightly-coloured clothes instead. I like this option more. Less is more sometimes only. Sometimes more is more.

    • Mangomini

      Sure, whatever makes you feel good! I used to dress more colorful but I’m tending more towards good basics at the moment, but it might change again :)

  • Shanna Nicole Haynes

    I love all your ideas on style.

    I would love to see what you put together for a pregnant style. I just stand there looking at my closet and come up short on ideas. I still want to look cute when my body isn’t feeling quite like my own anymore.


    • Mangomini

      Thank you! :) And thanks for the suggestion, that’s a good one! I’ll keep it in mind :)

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