Drake's "Love" Playlist

When HelloGiggles asked me to comprise a list of my favorite love songs, I got very excited to share them with you. It’s very difficult to comprise my favorite ones without listing hundreds, so I broke it down to my favorite 18.Starting the list off has to be Paul Simon because his music is such a big part of my new love story film, Like Crazy. Sit back, put some good headphones on and fall in love!1. ‘Something so right’ – Paul Simon: I could put 50 of his songs on this list, but the lyrics of this song encompass so much truth about finding the right one. ‘Crazy Love, Vol. II’, which is featured in Like Crazy, is equally as special and resonates for me. Paul has been such a big part of my youth and my life. The older I get, the more I realize he is still my favorite artist.

2. ‘And I Love Her’- The Beatles: Melts your heart with feelings unembarrassed affection. Paul McCartney wrote some of the best love songs of all time and this is one of them for me.

3. ‘You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go’- Bob Dylan: Also one of the best. Nothing beats the original Dylan. The lyrics truly capture what it feels like to long for somebody and it’ simple yet complex poetry has to make me put this one on the list.

4. ‘Cocoon’- Bjork: So sexual, so intense and so pure. Her lyrics are so unapologetic and unique. This song makes you wanna lie in bed for days in a cocoon of love. Breathtaking beauty.

5. ‘Lover’s Spit’- Broken Social Scene: Brilliant writing all the way around. This song reminds me of young love.

6. ‘What the World Needs Now’- Burt Bacharach: One of the best love song writers of all time, Burt captures a truth that everyone can relate to. You can’t have the dark without the light and the light without the dark and the tone of this song captures the hopeful in the longing.

7. ‘Wild World’ – Cat Stevens: One of the best break-up songs ever. Cat captures the loss while keeping possibility and a feeling of hope still inside the core of his writing here.

8. ‘La Vie En Rose’- Louis Armstrong: I mean, come on. I’m in love again every time I hear it. It melts with you with possibility. Captures being in the clouds all too well. Brilliant.

9. ‘Cries and Whispers’- David Sylvian: So full of hope and spirituality. I love David Sylvian and this track encompasses such elegance and purity.

10. ‘Enjoy the Silence’- Depeche Mode: Nothing like a little two person dance party to make you feel in love. There is deep pain hidden in this track, just like all good love affairs.

11. “Apple of My Eye’ – Ed Harcourt: Captures the joy and carte blanche mentality of love and happiness. This song makes me so happy every time I hear it.

12. ‘1,2,3,4’ – Feist: Such a warm and fuzzy feeling. Feels like being a kid in love. She’s a fabulous love songwriter and really captures a contemporary but still classic vibe.

13. ‘When Your Mind’s Made Up’ – Glen Hansard: Once is a great film and a great musical. There’s so much truth in the lyrics and the way he performs it. It’s rawness gets me every time.

14. ‘If I Only Had a Brain’- Harry Connick Jr: This obscure cover renders the original in a completely different form. The careful ballad changes the context of the lyrics and creates a longing beyond the words. The way Connick croons this one gives me goosebumps.

15. ‘Carolina in My Mind’- James Taylor: He means every word so much and it breaks my heart. Love this track.

16. ‘A Case of You’- Joni Mitchell: So sexy, so intense. Exactly what it feels like to totally lose yourself in someone else. She gets that better than anyone.

17. ‘I’ve Got You and You’ve Got Me’ – New Buffalo:  Giving yourself so wholeheartedly never felt so true as it does when Sally Seltmann sings about it.

18. ‘The Blood of Eden’- Peter Gabriel: Such an incredibly soulful track. Goosebumps good.

Be sure to see Like Crazy in theaters today!

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