Giggles and Glue Guns


I definitely have a little drag queen in me – a tiny, sequined and decked person that just can’t get enough of drag-alicious garb! I’m 14 and 15 in those pics above – yes, that’s a green wig that I would wear around on a daily basis and the tiara and mesh/fur coat were some other wardrobe staples.

Apparently rhinestones and platforms are hard to kick, and I’m still addicted! Here are some current drag-alicious duds from my closet…

Fun, right? Wearing stuff like this just brightens my day!

  • Rhinestone hoops: Forever 21
  • Sequin Shorts (wear them over black tights for Winter): Topshop
  • Tapestry Platforms: ASOS
  • Faux Fur Snood: various

My advice is to not wear it all at once – a little drag goes a long way! Here’s a recent outfit I put together using a couple drag-alicious items: thrifted tutu, ASOS platforms and a big-ass hair bow (American Apparel)!

How do you drag up your life?