Admittedly, Mindy is doing way better with life than I am (even with her new short haircut). She’s got her own rocking medical practice, money to pay off her loans (look at her wardrobe…) and a kicking apartment in NYC. I wish I was half as put together as she is!  With the first season of The Mindy Project all wrapped up and a second on the way, I’m excited to share similarities with Mindy!

(And, Ms. Kaling, if you’re reading this, I think you’re equally as amazing! Oh, and do you need any more writer’s assistants?)

  • Jan Nikka Flores

    mindy’s life is literally what i aspire to have for mine. this title could not be anymore true for me.

  • Elizabeth Coronado

    I completely agree…Mindy is basically me in another body and in different situations! I love this show so much and will be watching re-runs until the Fall.

  • Sofia Nordberg

    Love this! Mindy is so awesome, she has become one of my favorite femaler characters ever! I agree with everything you say 😀

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