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Does a Doritos Anonymous exist yet? If not, does anyone want to start one up with me?

Even as a kid, during the very brief occasions when I had unlimited access to junk food (like friend birthday parties, for example), I always gravitated towards the Doritos. This was back when Doritos were only known for two flavors – Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch. Now they’re available in almost every flavor imaginable. I could just picture the licensed Dorito-Scientists who are like, “Spaghetti and Meatball Doritos*? Yeah, why not!”

I chose Doritos for our TGIF Treat of the Week, even though I think they’re TGI-anytime-and-all-the-time Treats. Why do I think I have a problem over these delicious triangles of wonder? My mood improves if I know they’re in the house. Certain meals have been made better with the addition of Doritos. Ever try dipping them into some homemade chili? You’re welcome.

Here are a few fun facts about Doritos. They made their wonderful debut to the world in 1964, and became the first tortilla chip to be launched nationally. The first flavor produced was known just as “Toasted Corn” (which is available once again  in a “flashback” bag), and for a brief time in the 1970s, a Sour Cream & Onion Dorito was introduced. Doritos were only introduced in New Zealand last year – shocking, right? Friends in New Zealand – you need to catch up on all of the Doritos you should have been able to eat years ago.

Is it true that a Dorito by any other name would be as tasty? Of course! Remember when Nacho Cheese was “Nacho Cheesier”, and Cool Ranch was “Cooler Ranch” back in the 90s? And that was just in the States! According to Mike McGuff, Cool Ranch is known as “Cool American” in the Netherlands. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

This Friday, I encourage all of you to invite a friend over, pop in a good movie and celebrate the end of the week with a gigantic bowl of Doritos. And make sure to share something quite important in the comments section below: What’s your favorite flavor?

* As of right now, this flavor does not yet exist. Give it some time.

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  • Samantha Tindall

    Does anyone remember those 3D doritos? I loved those so much!

  • Alice Vaught

    my group of friends every once in a while have a “dorito party” where instead of drinking alcohol during the party we just have a couple bags of doritos, and try to live the 8th grade good life.

    also, i’m weirdly proud that cooler ranch is called “cool american” in the netherlands. like at least something awesome is tied to america in a different country.

  • Beth Curry

    I love Doritos! In the UK the cool ranch flavour is known as ‘cool original’

    • Karen Belz

      That. Is. Amazing. Is Nacho Cheese the same?

  • Beth Curry

    @Karen – they’re ‘tangy cheese’ if I remember right, I much prefer the sound of nacho cheese.

  • Jenny Lazo

    i LOVE doritos. the original two only though. i mean, the others are good two, but there is something about the original flavors that are just awesome. i like to smash them up and put them on my hot dogs and hamburgers and sometimes my sub sandwiches lol.

    • Karen Belz

      There’s no shame in this! I applaud you for your Dorito experimentation.

  • Jennifer Saurage

    Have you tried Doritos & Frank’s hot sauce? Yum-arific!

  • Dina Dry

    I would join Doritos anonymous with you!!! I can’t get enough of the “staple” flavors of Cooler Ranch and Nacho Cheesier :) We would then be members of the DA and it would kind of be like members of Dumbledore’s Army! Well, not really, but we’d share the same initials haha LONG LIVE DORITOS!!!!!

  • Kendra Lancaster

    now i want some nacho cheese doritos! unfortunately that involves a trip to wally world, cause they happen to be cheaper there than anywhere else.

  • Miranda Eubanks

    I love Cool Ranch Doritos way too much. I can’t buy them anymore because whenever I do I get the huge bag and I eat them all in one sitting!

  • Carmen Adams

    My husband and I bought a bag of the Dorito’s Cheesburger flavor on our honeymoon (yeah we missed home!) a couple of years ago. They tasted EXACTLY like a Whopper from Burger King. I swear, you could even taste the lettuce! Little genius chip gnomes must make them.

    • Jennifer Still

      Girl, stop. This is my DREAM FLAVOUR!!! I love them so much but unfortunately they’re near impossible to get around here (in NYC, of all places) these days and are mad expensive online. SO GOOD.

  • Abigail Rodriguez

    Spicy Nacho with Tapatio! BAM!!

  • Jonna Isaac

    I LOVE the taco flavor and I’m so glad they brought it back. They are so full of MSG and junk, but more than that, they are full of awesome. (This is how I justify eating them.)

  • Elena Smith

    Tangy Cheese with greek yoghurt SCRUMPTIOUSSSSS. Me and my BFFertan only need to say cool- and we know its ON !!

  • Sonya Smith

    Hello, my name is Sonya and I am a Doritoholic. My gateway Dorito is Nacho Cheese flavored Doritos.
    I also love to cook and I have to testify that this week alone I have used crushed Doritos as breading for baked zucchini and chicken fingers and as the breaded topping on au gratin potatoes and homemade baked mac and cheese. Next week I will be doing the same on some baked spaghetti and some baked ziti. Yes, I do theme weeks. The week after next will be mexi faves tamale pie using doritos instead of tortillas and homemade tamales using ground fine Doritos in with the masa de maíz.
    I clearly need help.
    Thank you for listening.

    • Jennifer Still

      This is probably the best comment I’ve ever seen on the site. Amazing!

  • Amanda Kosobucki

    LOVELOVELOVE DORITOS!!! Crunch them up and put them on a tuna sammich…change your life good. I must say though, I pretty much stick to the nacho cheese and cool ranch. I did try the toasted corn ones – best tortilla chips I’ve ever had. They were amazing in their simplicity. Now – I know this is gonna sound gross, but try the nacho cheese Doritos with a wee bit of sour cream…….

    • Karen Belz

      I dipped some Cool Ranch in nacho cheese after a hard day at work yesterday, so there aren’t any Dorito combos that sound gross to me. I honestly think that Doritos might just go with everything.

  • Aamina Malik

    I loooovvee the Zesty Chili flavored ones. But I also remember they used to make a Jalapeno flavor (or something similar) back in the 90s…I don’t recall the exact name for them, but they came in a green bag and they were really spicy and yummy.

  • Annie Lynge

    Nacho Cheese Doritos must ALWAYS be in my house. Or else I have to go to the super market at, like, eleven and buy them.

  • Careth Tash

    Cool Ranch dipped in the Frito Lay Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese sauce cans. Ridiculous combo, but oh so tasty, spicy and cool all at the same time. The Jalapeno Popper flavor was my least favorite, but bring on the rest!

  • Elvira Becerra

    I am too a doritoholic..and I prefer my nacho cheese doritos with limes and tapatio!yummy…and yes, me and my sister and friends would have dorito party’s back in the day so I totally agree with whoever said it brings you back to 8th grade heaven..when life was much simpler and definitely innocent :) I heart my doritos!!and I love this whole blog, it makes me smile :0)

  • Sarah Hotinger Hernandez

    I too am a Doritoholic. My husband recently had a bout with ulcers and I had a bag of Nacho Cheese hidden in the cabinet. hehe I was trying to be supportive but I HAD to at least have the option of sneaking a few of those tasty, cheesy morsels of awesome 😉

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