Don't Look Desperate!

Sometimes you don’t want them to think you tried.

It’s a second date and you’re super excited because you REALLY like this person!

It’s hard enough that you are worried about smiling so much that your lips stick to your teeth… or if you’re anything like me, talking so much that your date suspects that you’re high on caffeine or some other scary stimulant!

There is one illusion you CAN create and make your date think your look radiant and natural.

My friends and I like to call this the make-up no make-up look:

Start with Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer SPF 20 illiuminating.

Anastasia makes a nice brow gel and powder to fill in if you need it. Otherwise, the barer your face is the better.

For cheeks:  Julie Hewett in Rose.

Lips: Julie Hewett in color Lulu.

And of course Rimmel’s Glam Eyes Day-2-Night intense mascara.

Keep it set to the Day setting – it’s light and will separate your lashes, keeping the illusion that you aren’t wearing mascara.

For an extra punch in the heart: If you know you are going to  be in a darker setting line the lower outer lash line 3/4 out with a soft colored pencil like Benefit Bad Gal.  Pencil in extra black if you’re of darker complexion, or brown if you’re skin is lighter.

Try some of Julie Hewett’s Shimmy face and body in Goldie on your eyelids.

Look at you!  you’re a super cute Lamb!  Your date is paying for dinner for sure!