Dont Count Me Out When It Comes to Sports Just Cuz I'm A Girl

Ruby's Corner Week 3: be Your Hero

Ruby’s Corner Week 3: Boys and How They See Girls

I love to play football. I love running back and forth, I love catching the ball and I love how much fun it is. In grade school, I played football every single day with my friends, boys mostly. I’m in middle school these days and when I’ve asked the boys “Can I play football with you?” they’ve said to me, “No, you’re a lame girl that cant throw for heck.”

OH REALLY?! What made these boys think they are so powerful that they can say to any girl that she stinks at sports? I throw way better than half of those boys and I don’t have a problem with getting hurt. I have a problem with being excluded because I’m a girl. And they’ve never seen me play because they wouldn’t let me play with them! So the other day in gym, the teacher and I were throwing a football back and forth. The boys noticed us and said, “Wow, Ruby, you are really good at football!”

IT TOOK YOU NINE WHOLE MONTHS TO REALIZE THAT?! No. NO! Sometimes I feel like boys base everything they think about girls on how we’re portrayed in movies, television, magazines… you get the picture! Boys need to realize that movies are movies and not real life. In real life, girls are as good as boys, girls can do the things that boys can do in every single way, girls are funny and smart and awesome! Boys need to realize that girls are here too!

Today at recess they came up to me and were like, “Want to play football with us?” I asked if my (girl) friends could play. They said, “No, just you.” I went right up in their faces and went, “Ye- NO!”

And it annoyed me for a lot of reasons but mostly because they haven’t learned anything. Don’t worry, I’ll work on that too. 😉


Girls have been interested in the playing field for a long time, check this out (it hasn’t been updated since 2001, grrr)

And I like that this girl was like, no way

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