Don't Be That Girl

This is where I breakdown things certain girls do that ruin it for the rest of us. Respect and REPRESENT PROPERLY LADIES!

We’ve all seen that drunk girl wandering outside the club/bar barefoot, and carrying her shoes. This is not a good look for a few reasons.

One, it’s mad gross; your feet are basically drenched in dirt and club juice, EW! I’m sure there is some sort of medical issue with that too but I’ll just be dramatic and scream to you all “ YOU COULD GET RABIES from that floor.”

Not even sure if that’s true or possible but, if I can stop one person from walking with their bare feet in public, I have done my job as President of the Bossy Female Club.

I’m the first to complain about uncomfortable heels. I rarely wear them, and I don’t need to endure such intense pain to get noticed.  This isn’t The Bachlorette.

However, I want you to remember that wearing 6-inch heels was a sober choice you made. Just because you are no longer sober that does not mean I have to watch that train wreck. People laugh at you, they do, and I’ve seen it. It’s a cruel world out there.

My advice is that the next time you want to get your platform look on, think twice or better yet just don’t do it. Any event longer than an hour requires comfortable shoes everyone knows that.

* The only exception to this rule is if you are wearing tights. You can be barefoot then because there is at least a centimeter of fabric protecting you from the ground. Smart right?

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  • Jocelyn Aucoin

    I guess it depends on what you mean by “joke.”

    • Anonymous

      Hey, that’s the gretaset! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

    • Anonymous

      That’s really thinking out of the box. Tahkns!

  • Paige Raleigh Minka

    Heels are fun! I used to walk home from college parties with no shoes on (not city streets)… but when a girl is stumbling around and falling all over the place- now that’s funny,

  • Skye Tenorio

    Wow. Chill out, guys. If you don’t like it then just press the “back” button. Besides, I think some women could benefit from reading this article…

  • Lindsay Forrester

    Some women can definitely benefit from this. Don’t make yourself look stupid in public. That’s all it is.

  • Mary Joe

    Can I join the Bossy Female Club please?? :) I may fight for the Presidency though…. 😉

  • marianna

    The last time I was in Vegas (for business, I swear!), I was standing around with a few of my male colleagues and they all commented that they didn’t understand why girls kept walking through the Venetian holding their heels instead of wearing them. That does defeat the purpose of buying slammin’ shoes if you’re not even wearing them most of the night. :/

  • Emily Douglas

    Where can I buy these centimeter-thick tights?

  • Colleen McGraw

    alcohol is much more difficult for women to handle than men, based on our physiological differences. we could try to focus on that and give helpful tips to women so that they don’t become one of “those girls” when they go out. also, when going out on the town we all “have to watch that train wreck” of girl OR guy when they drink too much. let’s give a sister a helping hand instead of acting like the mean popular girl. what what?

    • Sandy Mora


    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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  • Ashley Pariseau

    I think this is a great article!
    But beware that you will be getting comments from college girls with no shame or social etiquette. They won’t see a problem with wearing 6 inch heels to a club, or taking them off after 4 hours of being there, and they probably think wear a short skirt to a club is cool as well, because they probably do all of that.
    But still keep up the good work.

    • Kiersten Tarr

      Wow, so you are so right. Women who wear heels and short skirts when they go out, bar none, should be ASHAMED of themselves. I’ve made a promise to myself, as a feminist, to only wear my least attractive clothes when I am in public. That way nobody will disrespect me by thinking that I care about my appearance or thinking I look nice.

  • Courtney Smith

    I thought it was funny. Also useful information for some ladies who I’ve seen do EXACTLY THIS.

  • Erica Smith

    Pretty sure there are some of us out there who don’t wear heels for the sole purpose of “getting noticed”. I know it’s hard to believe, but there just MIGHT be girls out there who tend to choose their shoes based on what they’re wearing, rather than on the boys in vicinity.

  • Andrea Turner

    It’s unfortunate so many people are upset by this because it’s so very true. In any city (large enough to have a club) you will see girls doing this. And it’s gross. Even grosser when those girls go home and pass out in their beds with dirty street-feet. But maybe that’s just me and my wash-your-feet-before-getting-in-bed (during summer/sandal-wearing months) protocol.

    If you can’t take it, don’t wear ’em. I used to wear 4+ inch heels back in my bar-star days, aka: ages 17-21 (legal drinking age is more of a suggestion up here in Canada), and it would ruin my night because I would just be complaining about how much my feet hurt. And if you get THAT drunk then you should hobble the four or five feet to the curb, hop in a cab and GO HOME. Quick! Before you embarrass yourself!

  • Caroline Mislove

    I live in NYC and if there’s a list of places where you don’t want to have direct foot-to-cement contact, NY is def in top 5. I once saw a girl in the East Village walking barefoot with her friend. I’m not going to go as far as to say I was drunk, but adult beverages had been consumed and I felt it necessary to inform this girl that A. she clearly had no friends b/c they would have prevented said biological assault on her dogs and B. that this is the East Village and that is strongly ill advised, not to mention straight up SKUST.

    • Anonymous

      Your asnewr was just what I needed. It’s made my day!

  • Denay Reyna Solis

    Just carry those Dr. Scholl’s/Gap/Nordstrom purse flats. Problem solved.

  • Amber Tucker

    I feel like writing an article that calls out girls for falling into a very widespread societal trap is a little pointless. Women feel pressure every day to do things that make them EXTREMELY uncomfortable *ignoring street harassment, *smiling politely as some jerk at your job calls you “sweetie”, *making sure any hairy body parts have been stripped of any stubble…and wearing heels is just another on a long, long list. I think heels are pretty dumb, myself, and very rarely wear them, especially when I think about the idea of running away from an attacker (or I mean…we all know, deep down, that a radiation-created-monster is just waiting to attack our cities) and not being able to get away because of…SHOES! Personally, I feel like we need to work to change the societal definition of attractivity, instead of shaming women that fall into the “norm trap”, as I like to call it.

  • Penny Roberts Brisco

    I dont think the tights would even help, they would create a breeding ground for bacteria, not to mention they would soak up the club juice and become wet and your skin would be all moist with rabies essence and fungus sauce!eeww!

    • marianna

      I definitely don’t want to be that girl :(
      I’ve braved it out though, to teach myself a lesson. A couple of years ago I was in San Francisco with friends and I didn’t know that they were planning to park two blocks from the dance club and well, I’m just glad I took some sneakers with me because I quickly changed into them once I got back into the car after the night ended.
      but yeah, never again!

  • Shauna Lewis

    most of these people leaving comments are idiots. This article isn’t scripture, and its funny. Stop HAVING A COW. Good piece, it made me “LOL.”

  • Samantha Baron

    “Don’t Be That Girl” could/should be a series of posts! I could write a book of these. Another one could be about girls who use their sexuality to get things – free drinks, trips, clothes, whatever. Makes all of us look bad!

  • Pam Cash

    I agree with Samantha. Women should hide their sexuality! With burkas!

  • Rachel Ramirez

    If you have to do the walk of shame all the way home in vintage snake skin heels that quite literally shred your feet and bruise your toes, do it, girl, because A) you’ll learn some lessons about not getting ahead of yourself in the shoe department and B) you will avoid presenting yourself as a barefooted mess to the world on a Sunday morning.

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