DomestiCAITed: The 8 Hottest Pumpkin Looks for Fall 2011

Halloween is next weekend. Are you getting stressed about pumpkins, costumes and the safety of your Halloween candy? Me too. I don’t know why, because I don’t even particularly like the holiday, but I’ll get into some festivities – for the kids. A carved pumpkin is an easy Halloween decoration and it’s a fun and crafty Fall thing to do. There are so many different ways you can go about carving a pumpkin. If you need ideas, don’t worry, I just went to a Pumpkin carving party on Friday and I stole all the ideas for you. These are the 8 hottest pumpkin looks for Fall 2011.
The Traditional Jack-O-Lantern

This pumpkin, besides the mini pumpkin bun on the top, is a classic. It’s like a pair of Levi’s. It’s never going to go out of style. Additionally, you don’t have to be incredibly skilled with a carving knife to accomplish this look and you’ll still feel super festive and satisfied with the results.
George Washington vs. The Red Coats

You’re the type of person who can’t stop thinking about history – and that’s fine. Think about some of your favorite historic match ups and carve it out. Just because it’s Halloween, doesn’t mean it’s not a great time to pay tribute to the founding fathers of this country.
Think Differently

Now, I don’t have an iPhone 4S, but I can imagine that if you asked Siri what kind of pumpkin you should carve, she would tell you to “think differently” and probably instruct you to carve an Apple. Listen to her.

The Donald Trumpkin

This pumpkin is so rich. It’s got mad pumpkin patch real estate all over the world. Plus, if you can’t get down with a money tie then forget it. You pile all the pumpkin guts on top of the pumpkin for Donald’s signature do and you’ve got the Trumpkin.

Russian Pumpkin Dolls

You know those Russian matryoshka nesting dolls? Yeah, you’re right, they are awesome. So why not use the same idea and nest three pumpkins? You can either stack them all inside each other or take them apart and light all three. Sorry if I just blew your mind.
Owl Pumpkin

This is a cute one. You hallow out two small pumpkins and use them for the eyes. Then you just use little bits of the pumpkin as ears and a beak. Spoiler alert – this one placed. If you’re looking to win any sort of contest- this might be the way to go. Just saying.

Matthew Perry

The thing about Halloween is that you might start to think about all the holiday episodes of your favorite TV shows growing up. If you were allowed to watch Friends (which I was not), then you might remember all those cool Halloween costumes they had. Thinking about the costumes might make you think of Chandler when he was dressed as a pink bunny. Chandler was played by Matthew Perry. Therefore, his face is a completely appropriate pumpkin design. Matthew Perry is the essence of Halloween.

Hungry Pumpkin

This pumpkin won the whole thing. Why? Because it’s really well executed. Look at the carving skills on those teeth. Damn. If you don’t think you can recreate this look exactly- don’t worry. I think any take on this idea would turn out great.

Hopefully the ideas above will be inspirational! If you’ve already carved a pumpkin – let me know what your design was in the comments below!


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