DomestiCAITed: Thank You… For Reading This.

tell us that we are required to send a thank you card to those who do something nice for us, entertain us or give us gifts- even if we don’t like them. It’s the “right thing to do”. Ugh, but it’s so hard. Who invented this practice? And why hasn’t the email usurped the printed card?

At times, one can be very appreciative of a gift, but ultimately forget to send a thank you note. We wait one week to send one, which turns into 3 weeks, and then sending a card seems too awkward. Also, I think we all buy thank you stationery with the intention of sending cards to our friends and family members, but in the end we just amass a thank you card collection instead of actually sending out cards when we should. Fear not, I have discovered the answer to this problem. The thank you card can be used for any occasion. That’s right – ANY.

I’ve outlined some examples below. The card does the part of saying “thanks” and you write in the rest. Okay, here it goes-

Front: Thank you…for being born.
Inside: Happy Birthday!

Front: Thank You…to the Indians and pilgrims for hitting it off!
Inside: How good is stuffing? Happy Thanksgiving!

Valentine’s Day-
Front: Thank you…for being mine, Valentine!
Inside: I like your face. Happy Valentine’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day-
Front: Thank you…to St. Patrick for spawning a drinking holiday.
Inside: What a guy! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Front: Thank you…for reminding me to check my candy!
Inside: I almost ate a razor. Happy Halloween!

Front: Thank you…for moving and best of luck in your new apartment.
Inside: I just signed a lease for your old place!

Get Well Soon-
Front: Thank you for telling me you were sick!
Inside: Call me when you’re not contagious.

Front: Thank you for getting married!
Inside: Nothing like a little surf and turf, and a party with a live band! Am I right?

As you can see, the options are endless and you’ve just saved yourself from running all over willy nilly trying to buy a card for every occasion. No thanks to that. Additionally, these cards are going to be unique. Your friends and family members will smile when they open your card and will recognize you for your originality and vigor for life. Okay, that’s taking it a bit too far, but hopefully you see the ultimate plus. The only card you need to buy from now on is the “Thank You” card – even if you don’t end up using them for an actual thank you.