DomestiCAITed: Nutella Squares

When I was abroad in Rome, there was this incredible pizza place that served Nutella calzones for dessert. The recipe was simple enough – good pizza dough, Nutella filling, and the entire thing dusted with powdered sugar. Nom nom nom.

I think it’s fun to attempt to recreate foods you enjoy without the guide of a recipe. Sure, it won’t be perfect – but that’s okay too. This Thanksgiving, I decided to recreate the Nutella calzone, but on a smaller scale so that each one of my family members would have their own. The result-Nutella Squares. The perfect dessert to take you through the holiday season.

Ingredients you’ll need:

  •  pizza dough (can be homemade, Pillsbury, or even whole wheat)
  •  Nutella
  •  powdered sugar

Once you have all the ingredients, follow the instructions on the pizza dough you’re using and preheat the oven. Next, take the pizza dough of your choice and roll it out flat. Using a pizza cutter, slice the dough into squares and distribute a dollop of Nutella into the center of half of the squares of pizza dough.

Then, cover all the squares with Nutella with the plain squares, making sure to press down along the edges to keep the Nutella inside while your dessert bakes.

When the squares are light brown on the top, remove them from the oven, dust the tops with powerdered sugar and leave them to cool.

Finally, serve each pocket with a small scoop of the ice cream of your choice, and enjoy!


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