DomestiCAITed: Breakfast for Dinner

One of my favorite meals growing up was breakfast for dinner. I thought my parents were the ultimate when they whipped up pancakes or bacon and eggs. Now that I’m cooking for myself, I understand the benefit of a simple, yet homemade meal.This past Sunday, I decided breakfast for dinner was the way to go after a long weekend. I took the traditional breakfast sandwich and figured out a way that it paired perfectly with a glass of red wine. Using Italian flavors as inspiration, I came up with the DomestiCAITed prosciutto, arugula and fontina egg sandwich.

– loaf of artisanal bread such as Tuscan or sourdough
–  organic free range eggs
– arugula
– red onion
– prosciutto
– sliced fontina cheese
– balsamic reduction/glaze
– sea salt
– olive oil
– garlic

First, slice the loaf of bread in ½ inch thick pieces. Coat a skillet evenly with one tablespoon of olive oil and heat. Place slices of bread in skillet and toast both sides. This is better than browning the bread in the oven because it won’t dry out.

When the bread is toasted, remove from pan and rub a clove of garlic along both sides of the slices. Place two pieces of prosciutto, per each sandwich, in a heated skillet and cook until slightly browned.
Next, poach or fry one egg for each sandwich. When cooked, top each each egg with a slice of fontina cheese, two slices of prosciutto and place on the toasted bread. Sprinkle each with arugula and sliced red onion.

Drizzle with balsamic reduction and a pinch of sea salt.

Cover the sandwich with the other piece of bread, slice in half and pair your egg sandwich with a green salad and a glass of red wine. Simple, sophisticated and delicious breakfast for dinner. You’re friends will probably loose it they’ll be so impressed.
Buon Appetito!

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