Being a domestic lady is a life choice. You need to cook, bake, get your hair
done, be into weddings, know which cleaning products do what, iron
things, look fashionable, and be organized and stuff. Trust me I’m
overwhelmed too, but I try not to stress about it because no matter what
pressures society may make you feel – they don’t matter. I think the
real mantra for being domestic should be “Do what you want”. Hopefully
“DomestiCAITed” will be your guide to just that.

Not to get all Ke$ha on you and stuff, but at the end of the day I am who I
am, and so I’ll cook what I cook, bake what I break and bake, and not
iron what I’m not ironing.

Take a minute or two to appreciate how super deep that was.

I think part of being a domestic goddess is having a really well
decorated home or apartment. Here’s a quick secret, some people actually
hire someone to help them decorate their place. They’re called Interior
Designers. Yeah this happens.

I mean don’t get all shocked and depressed and stuff. I don’t have an
interior decorator either. I’m just telling you about them because you
may find yourself in the home of a girlfriend of yours in the future and
think “Wow this looks really good” when in actuality although it may
look great- they might not have decorated it themselves. That’s fine.
Filling a space with things you like and find aesthetically pleasing can
be overwhelming, but you CAN do it yourself and it doesn’t have to be

I went to this vintage fair in Chicago called The Vintage Bazaar. It
was honestly epic- SO many things- so many amazing things that I wanted
to purchase for my apartment and for my closet. While there were
definitely some wonderful pieces, my wallet was unable to support the
decisions my mind was trying to make. Whatever wallet.

I did make one purchase- a 1950’s Mirrored Vanity Tray for $24.  This
is just a small decorating success, but I feel like my room already looks like 20% more elegant.

Up close shot of the mirror.


From far away.

I did spot some things that really would have made great statement pieces
in most American homes. I didn’t buy them because I wanted to leave
them for other lucky people, but I’ve taken the time to outline below
how the pieces could be incorporated into a traditional space and why.

Item #1: Marble Jar

it’s just a jar of marbles – or is it? In a space, this marble jar will
say a lot about you. You’re playful and zany- plus it’s really just
ready made eclecticness. Some people probably collect marbles for years
until they have their collection (I have no idea), but I think this jar
just does that for you. It will also be a really great conversational
center piece saying to guests, “Hey I’m here. I’m a jar of marbles.
Count me – I dare you.”

Item #2: A Vintage Tricycle

will be your BEST FRIEND. Trust. There is absolutely nothing more
whimsical than a vintage tricycle. You put this baby in a corner- and NO
ONE will complain. What was once just two walls and a floor coming
together – will be the trike. Your besties will be begging to know how
you thought of the idea and probably be all “OMG are we at
Anthropologie? How mfffing cute is this apartment !?!”

Item #3: Miniature Horse Collection

Of course you would have to buy each of these pieces separately, but I
think it would be worthwhile investment that even Suze Orman would green
light. Did you watch the Kentucky Derby? Horses are IN this year and
because we can’t all have stables in our backyards- this mini horse
collection brings the outdoors- in. I’d get a little crazy with these if
I were you- possibly ask your guests to name the horses. It’s a great
way to make your friends feel like they had a part of helping to add
some charm to your home- even though they didn’t at all. LOL.

Item #4: How About A Game of Barney Miller with the 12th Precinct Gang?

Yeah, that’s the actual title of the board game brought to you by Parker
Brothers. In case you didn’t know, Barney Miller was a comedy series on
ABC from 1975-1982 set in a NYC police station in Greenwich Village. Now
this game isn’t the type of piece that’s going to instantly pay for
itself -I’ll be the first to admit it- but it’s going to make you smile
when you read the title. Isn’t that enough? I say, throw it on the top
of a coffee table – topped with a few of those New Yorker magazines that
you never read, but buy to look cultured and you’ll add a touch of
warmth to your apartment.

Item #5: A Vintage Deer Mount

This is special isn’t it? I really can’t describe the way I feel about this.
I’m not really into hunting, mostly because the idea of spending hours
in forests in tons of Cabela’s gear is unappealing to me. However, I
think this is my favorite vintage mount of all. I think it’d be cool in a
library. You have a library in your apartment right? Oh you don’t? I’d
fix that. Reading is in.

Don’t get stressed if you can’t track down all the MUST HAVES above. You’ll
find things that are similar while you’re thrifting and/or you’ll get
inspired. Most important decorating tip I can offer is give yourself
time let things come together. Remember, follow your heart kid and
you’ll never go wrong.

Hugz and Thugz,

Caitlin is currently into mischief making. Follow her on Twitter @fitzlikeaglove

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